How To Show You’ve Been Thinking Of Them

Thinking of You Week is the perfect opportunity to surprise your favorite people with a little extra appreciation. Even if they haven’t heard from you in a while, a thoughtful card could be just the thing to make their day.  So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick of Papyrus cards then get cozy, grab a pen, and let the inspiration flow.   

If you need some help getting started, here are a few suggestions:  


Sometimes the people we’re closest to are the ones who live the farthest away. If that’s true for you, choose a card that feels right for your long-distance friend and fill it with things they’ll love: a photo of the two of you, an inside joke, a memory, or ideas for your next trip together.   


Make reconnecting with relatives part of your routine. Send a card to check in with your siblings, say hello to your aunts and uncles, keep in touch with your cousins, or thank your parents for their love and support.  


Whether you work remotely from your colleagues or just across a cubicle wall, a little note can add lots of joy to their day. Thank your boss for their support, reminisce about old times with your mentor, or let your office bestie know how excited you are to catch up over coffee.   


You don’t have to wait until your anniversary or Valentine’s Day to turn up the romance. Surprise your significant other with a note any time to remind them how much you adore and appreciate them.   


A card is ideal for meeting the neighbors or connecting with your community. Drop off a note with some treats to welcome new arrivals to the neighborhood. Write a personal introduction, get them excited about the area, or invite them over for drinks. There is no shortage of ways to make people feel at home.     

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