Papyrus Greeting Card Treatments Thoughtfulness in Every Detail
Papyrus Greeting Card Treatments Thoughtfulness in Every Detail

Our Greeting Card Embellishments

Make any moment feel extraordinary with an exquisitely made card!

From quilling, embroidery, and layered wood designs, to those embellished with beads, pearls, and gems, our carefully crafted and handmade greeting cards are designed to inspire joy and leave a lasting impression. These cards are meant to be shared with those who deserve the best! ​

Embroidery Butterfly Cards


Extraordinary artisanship goes into every embroidery card! From elaborate satin stitching to nostalgic needlework, embroidery cards bring vintage charm from a timeless art form. Choose from stunning, soft-to-the-touch patterns and those sewn with beads for eye-catching detail. Always vibrant and colorful, there’s enjoyment in every thread.

Handmade Detailing

It’s the details that make handmade greetings so delightful! This is what the tradition of sharing physical paper cards is all about: gorgeous designs by top artists, enhanced with handmade techniques by talented makers. Each individual card is hand-decorated with multiple processes and the finest materials, including die-cut and sculpted papers, fabrics, wood, beads, and gems — to specially complement the card.

Handmade Detailing Floral Cards
Pearls and beads cards

Pearls and Beads

Our fashion-minded card designers know the importance of layering and accessories. Pearls and beads of assorted sizes draw the eye to a card’s design and offer a premium yet playful look. We apply these materials to look like strings of jewelry, evening gowns, cake sprinkles, flower petals, butterfly wings, and even feathers, with dazzling colors that evoke joy. When you want to dress up a special occasion, give a greeting card outfitted with fabulous pearls and beads!


Meticulously handcrafted by expert artisans, each quilling card is a piece of art. The process of quilling involves special tools to wind and twist paper strips into tight coils, then shaping them together into beautiful flowers, hearts, animals, spirals, or elaborate patterns. Although this application appears delicate, the construction is remarkably strong. Browse our quilling card collection for your next important occasion.

Quilling Floral Cards
Keepsake Mr. and Mrs. Ornament cards


A keepsake card is more than just a greeting card. It’s a wish someone can hold on to and enjoy long after the day they opened it. It might be a displayable or detachable gift, like a Christmas tree ornament or a patch sewn on a jacket. Above all, a keepsake greeting card is a reminder that they are loved and appreciated; a memento they’ll always have to remind them of this special time. Whether for a wedding, graduation, or milestone birthday, keepsake cards are made to last for years to come.


Gems can make any card come to life, whether it features a princess tiara, couture fashion, or beautifully colored hummingbirds, cakes, and favorite characters. Card gems mirror the luxuriousness of rubies, rhinestones, and emeralds, making them perfect for friends and family who have an eye for beauty and things that sparkle. These lustrous, little jewels come in every shape and color to make your favorite designs extra fancy!

Gems hello kitty card
Unique Shapes shark cards

Unique Shapes

Greeting card designs in unique shapes offer edge-to-edge enjoyment! Die-cut card shapes are a fitting choice for animals, characters, butterflies, hearts, pop-ups, and holiday icons like Christmas trees. Many shapes include handmade elements, such as layered felt or paper, dimensional attachments, interactive pull tabs, and specialty envelopes for even more smiles. When you want the whole card to make a statement, uniquely shaped greeting cards are fun, fun, fun for all ages!


Adored by all who love an earthy feel, our laser-cut wood cards show off graceful typography, ornate patterns, and delightful dimension — perfect for framing and displaying. We use the finest wood pieces to carve and etch geometric lines, fanciful swirls, scripted messages, and even cityscapes. Give these gorgeous cards for a wedding, anniversary, baby shower, birthday, and time you want a card that really stands out

Wood Bridge card

More Types Of Greeting Card Designs

Papyrus offers a breathtaking assortment of uniquely designed greeting cards! To view more card features, shop our online selection or find a store near you.

The Papyrus creative team is always coming up with fresh and innovative ideas. Remember to check back frequently for updates and additions!  

If you have an idea that you’d like to bring to life, please email us at

Papyrus Portfolio Review  
1455 Oliver Road, Suite 200
Fairfield, CA 94535 

Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks (about 2 months) for a response. 

Retail Locator

Our website hosts a curated selection of a few of our favorite designs. Check back frequently for updates and additions. Until then, head to a retailer near you to shop for hundreds more!

Bouquet card, rainbow cake card, and butterfly card

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