Thank You Cards and Stationery

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Whenever you need to express your gratitude, find the perfect array of thank-you cards and stationery from Papyrus. Each handmade thank-you card is designed with care to show your appreciation in a variety of styles and sentiments – from funny to cute to heartfelt. Whether you’re looking for a way to thank someone for their help, their kindness, or for a birthday, wedding, or baby shower gift, you can find just the right card. From individual thank-you cards to boxed sets, you’ll always have a beautiful way to say thank you.

Thank You Card Messages: What to Write in Your Blank Card

Adding a personal message to a blank thank-you card can be challenging, but a handwritten note adds so much meaning. To help inspire what to write, think about the reason you’re giving the card. Start your message by saying what you’re thanking the recipient for. Next, consider adding why it meant so much to you. You can also include a compliment or a statement of what the recipient means to you if you’d like to add a little something extra to your message.

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