Featured Artist Bella Pilar
Featured Artist Bella Pilar

Bella Pilar

Bella Pilar sitting at art studio desk

Bella Pilar’s stylish yet whimsical artwork is instantly recognizable. Featured on hundreds of greeting cards and other products, the trademark art brand has been described as ‘Fresh, fun and inspiring, a rainbow representation of the strong beautiful women in our lives at their chic and happy best’.

Bella works between hometown New York and sunny Los Angeles. She dove headfirst from the height of a career in New York’s glamorous yet rigid beauty industry, straight into her true love, illustration. A life, that allows her to combine her passion for painting with the excitement of the fashion world on her own terms.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Tiffany & Co., The Ritz and Bloomingdale’s have all tapped into Bella’s global appeal and eye for style. She has collaborated with recognized European brands as well, including Lancôme, La Perla, La Gardenia, and Hong Kong’s LCX retail stores. North American, European and Latin American editions of Vogue magazine have published her feminine watercolors, as have numerous fashion and bridal magazines worldwide.

Q & A

Q: When do you find creativity strikes most often for you?

Creativity strikes me most long after sunset, in the last hours of the evening.  When there are few distractions, no calls or texts, and it’s dark and quiet outside, everything feels peaceful- this is when creativity seems to hit me and I happily dive into my artwork, painting until the middle of the night.

Q: What does your creative process look like?

 On a typical project I spend a few hours in my local coffee shop, sketching away over an iced latte.  I generally sketch every detail, so when I start painting I have it all planned out.    Once an idea evolves into a final sketch and I’m back in my studio, I scan it. I plan the colors on a print out of the sketch, with light washes of paint.  After I have my colors sorted, I get to painting the final artwork using gouache paints on heavyweight watercolor paper.

Q: What is your favorite part of designing cards for Papyrus?

Start to finish- I love the entire process of designing cards for Papyrus- sketching, color planning, painting the final artwork.  But really, my favorite part is… seeing the final product!   To see a sketch, go from the watercolor paper on my studio desk, to holding the final printed card with all its beautiful embellishments – it’s the best part!  Then thinking about who I can drop it in the mail to, and share it with, is also quite fun for me.

Downloads & Freebies

Bella Pilar cards and phone with Bella butterfly background

Phone Backgrounds

Hands coloring Bella Pilar floral coloring page

Coloring Pages

Retail Locator

Our website hosts a curated selection of a few of our favorite designs by Bella Pilar. If you’d prefer to shop in person, head to a retailer near you to shop more!

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