Certain cards are destined to become forever favorites. Some are treasured because of what they celebrate or who gave them to us. Others stand out because of how they look or how they make us feel. These works of art occupy a special place in our hearts—and they deserve an equally special place in our homes. To get your inspiration flowing, here are our top three tips on repurposing your Papyrus cards.

Keep It Simple

Let a single card be the star. Showcase the design in a chic, matted frame. Consider adding it to a gallery wall or displaying it where it can be an effortless conversation starter. When in doubt, let the subject matter inspire you! Add a cocktail card to your bar cart, a cake card to your kitchen, or an empowering card to your home office. 

Curate A Collection

Embrace a theme. Frame cards from one of our exclusive Papyrus collections (like Star Wars, Disney, or Harry Potter), or highlight a set of your choosing!  Add serenity to your bedroom with a tranquil trio or freshen up your guest room with a grouping of florals—treat your home like your canvas and let your ideas unfold.  

Capture A Moment

Get crafty with your keepsakes. Commemorate life's big moments with a unique card collage. Make a romantic statement piece out of photos and saved wedding or anniversary cards, or create custom nursery artwork out of baby shower cards and mementos from little one's first year. Every milestone moment comes with endless creative possibilities. 

No matter how you choose to repurpose, we would love to see how you've given new life to your favorites! Share with the tag #LovePapyrus for a chance to be featured on @papyrus social.

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