Which Harry Potter Card Matches Their Personality? Text Only

Want to Celebrate a Harry Potter Superfan? This quiz will match you with a magical card they’ll love.

Where are they most likely to be found at Hogwarts?

A Chasing victory on the Quidditch pitch.

B Sneaking around the Forbidden Forest.

C Gathering with friends in the Great Hall.

What’s Their Favorite Spell?

A Lumos! Even when times are dark, they lead with light.

B Expelliarmus! They love a little danger (and lots of drama).

C Expecto Patronum! They harness the power of positivity.

What’s Their Favorite Treat?

A A mouthwatering treacle treat.

B Acid pops from Honeydukes.

C A Festive feast, washed down with Butterbeer.

What’s Their Patronus?

A The mighty stag.

B The fearless crow.

C The majestic phoenix.

Mostly A’s

They are bold and brave with the heart of a champion. They inspire many with their daring determination and fierce loyalty. No on is quite like them- and that is what this card celebrates.

Mostly B’s

They are equal parts cunning and cool. They like to take risks and explore new horizons. They are enigmatic to some and envied by all. They aren’t afraid to stand out- and neither is this card.

Mostly C’s

They are a force to be reckoned with and relied upon. They mingle with wizards and muggles alike and they understand that we achieve more together than we do apart. Their heart belongs to every house- and this card lets them wear that with pride.

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