Snowflakes, Silver, Forest Holiday Wrapping Paper Bundle, 3 Rolls, 65 sq. ft


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    If you’d like your Christmas gifts to look special and stylish, you can’t go wrong wrapping them in this beautiful paper from Papyrus! This three-roll bundle of Papyrus wrapping paper features silver highlights that make the designs stand out. One roll is simply solid silver, but it’s brightness and sheen make it especially eye-catching. The other two designs include trees and snowflakes against white backgrounds that make them especially stunning. Your presents will truly evoke the spirit of the season thanks to this premium paper from Papyrus!

    • Roll Wrap Bundle Set includes 3 rolls of wrapping paper
    • 2 rolls of wrapping paper measure 30 in. x 9 ft. (22.5 sq ft.) and 1 roll of wrapping paper measures 30 in. x 8 ft. (20 sq. ft) for a total of 65 sq. ft.
    • Wrapping paper set includes a variety of complimentary holiday designs embellished with different finishings including bushed metallic specialty paper, shimmering foil and glitter

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