You’ve interviewed for a new position and felt you had good chemistry with the hiring managers. Now you want to follow up to articulate your appreciation for the opportunity. In addition to expressing to a potential employer that you value their time and consideration, here are a few more ideas from PAPYRUS about what to write in a job interview thank you note, along with some job interview note etiquette.

What to Write: 

  • Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday about XXX position at Name of Company. I’m very excited about the possibility of working with you. I feel that my organizational skills and dedication make me a perfect candidate for the position. If you’d like to see more portfolio samples, I’d be happy to provide them. Thanks for your time. Best, XXX
  • It was a pleasure meeting you and learning more about your company’s mission and values. After speaking with you, I was particularly impressed with the way the company built profits during the recession. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity and time to visit with you. I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, XXX
  • Thank you for the opportunity to interview with you. After our discussion, I really feel as though my skill set can be of value to XXX company. As I noted in my interview, my background as a graphic designer in the food industry can bring a unique skill set to your advertising agency, potentially opening up doors to new niches for your company. I truly enjoyed the interview process and hope you’ll consider me for the role. Sincerely, XXX

Do’s and Don’ts of Job Follow-Up Etiquette


  • Send your thank you note promptly after the interview.
  • Address all parties involved in the interview process, whether it’s a single HR manager or a room full of people.
  • Avoid misspellings and poor grammar.
  • Remind employers of your enthusiasm.
  • Personalize your note.
  • Use Mr., Mrs., or Ms. and the recipient’s last name.


  • Follow up with a thank you card more than once.
  • Use a generic response in your thank you note.
  • Be too casual in your note. Keep it business-like.

Remember, taking the extra step to send a thank you note may distinguish you from the competition. Choose one of the PAPYRUS boxed professional thank you notes to pen your gratitude. The gesture helps remind the employer of your interview and actively displays your communication skills, meticulous attention to detail, and thoughtfulness.