Making a move can be a huge life step. While for you and your family this can be cause for celebration, it can also be a tedious time. In addition to making the actual move you’ll need to change your address and inform those you know of your new contact information. Once you choose your PAPYRUS moving announcement we suggest relaying the news in the following way.

Make sure the essential information is included. This should be the bare bones of the announcement. It consists of: a line stating you have moved or changed residence, your new address, who the announcement is from, and another method of contact (phone or email). Most announcements are formatted in this way:

We’ve Moved!

Number and street address
City, state, zip code
Alternative contact information
Family member names

Like anything else at PAPYRUS, you can always add more for an extra personal touch. Consider a closing such as “We hope to welcome you to our new home soon,” to imply that you want to stay connected. Choosing a favorite quote about home, friends, and being welcome is also an inviting gesture. In place of a simple opener, you can opt for a more casual tone. For example, “You can now find us here,” or “We’re at home!” or “Home sweet home.” If the move is a particularly big milestone such as the purchase of a first home or a big move across country, celebrate it on the announcement. Instead of a more traditional opener, begin with “Our first home!” or “Off to the Big City!” Don’t forget to mention if your phone number has changed or to designate between a landline and mobile number.

You already have so much to do when you move. Choosing the right words to notify friends and family shouldn’t be one of them. Sending out a designed announcement that’s straight to the point will ensure that all your contacts will know where to find you. Reassure others that despite the distance between you, they’re still in your thoughts.