So long, farewell! Saying goodbye is never as easy as it seemed in “The Sound of Music.” Whether you’re bidding adieu to a good friend moving across the country or wishing luck to a coworker changing jobs, PAPYRUS can help you with tips on what to say.

Here are a few ideas for what to write in a goodbye card:

  • Good luck on your journey! We’re so excited you get the chance to spend the summer in Europe. We’ll miss you. Eat plenty of gelato in Italy!
  • It’s been so great working with you all these years. Thanks for always having my back, even when XXX was being a jerk. Best of luck in your new career. Let’s go out for drinks sometime and dish on office gossip.
  • So sorry to see you go. It’s been such a pleasure to spend the past four years of college living with you. I know you’ll succeed in your new, fancy job. Let’s plan a girls’ weekend every year.
  • Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You took a chance on me when I was young and inexperienced. I learned so much with you as a mentor, and I feel confident that this job was made for me. I’d love to keep in touch.
  • Good luck in all your future endeavors. I’m sorry you won’t be around to listen to me complain about who’s the worst employee in our office. (Hint: This week it’s Carol.) I hope your next office mate is as cool as me.
  • Best of luck with your school year. It’s been wonderful getting to know you this summer, and I can’t wait until we can get together again.
  • Congratulations on your new adventure. Motherhood is the greatest journey you’ll ever undertake (once you get over the sleep deprivation)! Enjoy every moment, and please keep in touch.

In addition to the standard greetings, depending on your relationship with the card recipient, make sure to include some personal touches about how much you’ll miss the person, or convey fond memories you’ve made together. Humor is great if you’re comfortable with the person. For more formal farewells, err on the side of keeping things more business-like.

Goodbye cards aren’t just for a friend or coworker, either. Here are some other ideas on whom to send a farewell card:

  • A family member going on a trip
  • A grandparent leaving after having spent a weekend watching your children
  • A camp counselor who you’ve spent time with all summer
  • A retiring colleague or boss
  • A coworker leaving the company after she has a baby
  • A student leaving for college or graduating high school. 

Keep in mind that change can be good. The best way for you to let someone know how hard it is to let them go is to give them something to remember you by. A card PAPYRUS indicates to the recipient that goodbye doesn’t have to be forever.