Meaningful messages are a wonderful way to honor all the paternal figures in your life. From dads and grandfathers to siblings, stepfathers, and friends, what better way to acknowledge those crucial male role models than with meaningful Father’s Day sentiments?

Can’t quite figure out what to write in a Father’s Day card? No problem. At PAPYRUS, we have you covered with our best tips, tricks … and some examples.

  • Be sincere. Don’t focus so much on whether the words are perfect. Just write what’s on your mind and in your heart.
  • Make it personal. Whether your dad spent much of his time at the office or he was a 24/7 hands-on dad, he still showed up in his own ways. Remind him of some of the quality time you spent with him by bringing up memories.
  • Acknowledge his role in your life.

For Dads and Grandfathers

Dad, Daddy, Grandpa, Pawpaw … no matter what you call him, don’t forget to celebrate him this Father’s Day.

  • You taught me to swim, to ride a bike, and to bait a fishing pole.
  • Thank you for always being there … even if it was to change my flat tire in the middle of your workday.
  • I cherish all the conversations we’ve had through the years.
  • Thanks for shaping my life with your wisdom and humor.
  • You’re always good for a listening ear … and plenty of ice cream.
  • I can’t imagine a better male role model.

 For a Husband or Partner

You probably didn’t marry him based on whether he’d be a good father, but you sure lucked out on that front. Acknowledge all the ways he makes your family feel special.

  • Remember how, when we first got married, we swore we’d never be those parents? I’m so glad we’ve become those parents.
  • It’s been an honor watching you parent our kids.
  • I can’t think of a better partner, and I’m so thankful to be along on this ride with you.
  • Your patience, love, and steady hand are valued and appreciated in this family.
  • I loved you before you were a dad, and watching you with our kids makes me love you even more. (P.S. I love your dad bod, too.)

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For a Son, Sibling, Uncle, Friend, or Father Figure

Fathers come in all ages, shapes, sizes. No matter who the father figures are in your life, celebrate them this June.

  • You are a wonderful father, and it’s been so fun watching you with your kids.
  • Even though you’re not my dad, it’s an honor to consider you my second dad.
  • You may not have been there when I was born, but you’ve been there throughout my childhood and helped shaped the person I am.
  • We’re so lucky to call you a friend. You’re doing such a wonderful job raising your own children!
  • When we were growing up, I never could have envisioned you with kids. But here we are, and I’m constantly impressed!