Getting a wedding invitation is exciting, but many times deciding on a gift for the happy couple can raise some questions. Many are perplexed about wedding gift etiquette. You may be stuck between choosing your own gift, buying a requested item from the registry, or giving cash. PAPYRUS has come up with a go-to wedding gift guide to help answer some of your questions. These tips will help you give the gift without worry.

Do I have to purchase a gift off the couple’s wedding registry?

The wedding registry is a common topic of questioning among wedding guests. If you’re wondering if you’re only limited to the registry, the answer is no. Many couples register for gifts as a guide to make gifting easier and smoother for their guests. Sometimes, guests don’t have many choices left by the time they make it to the registry. Other times, in-store purchases can be inconvenient due to the location of the store. Regardless of the reasoning, you are welcome to purchase a gift that is not on the wedding registry. Taking a look at the gifts the couple chose might help you learn about their style and the type of gifts they would like. Also, make sure your gift is returnable, just in case.

Can I give a gift card?

Absolutely. Gift cards to the store at which the couple’s registered are a great idea. This option is a little more thoughtful than a cash present. Many times, you can purchase a retail gift card online, which makes the process much more convenient than a visit to the store. The price range is also a little easier to gauge. Since you could buy a gift card for the amount you would spend on a gift for the newlyweds, this eliminates the question marks. When in doubt, a gift card is always a great idea.

Is cash out of the question?

Cash gifts are definitely an option. Many people prefer to give the newlyweds spending cash to enjoy after their big day. Although cash is always appreciated, deciding on an appropriate amount is subjective and can vary greatly based on opinion.

I can’t make it to the wedding. Can I still send a gift?

Sending a gift even if you are not able to attend the wedding is extremely thoughtful. The newlyweds will undoubtedly appreciate your generosity. If you are sending a gift, try to do so within two weeks of the wedding. Don’t wait too long after the big day.

Is it okay to send a gift “from all of us?”

Yes! Getting together to get a friend or family member a big gift is a fantastic idea. Group gifts are an excellent way to give the couple their dream wedding gift without stretching your budget.

What about gifts for pre-wedding events?

When it comes to events leading to the wedding, including the bridal shower, engagement party, etc., you’ll need to plan ahead and keep the wedding gift in mind. Although you want to buy something nice for the couple or bride-to-be, plan accordingly so that you can save up for a wedding gift instead of spending most of your budget on pre-wedding festivities.