You’ve picked a date, and the adventure begins. Now, it’s time to let family and friends know to mark their busy calendars and prepare for your BIG day. Save the date cards are not invitations. They are a pre-invitation declaration that extends the courtesy of letting your guests know that they will be invited to your wedding, so they can make necessary arrangements. Although sending Save the Dates is not necessarily mandatory, it is not only a considerate gesture; it also helps build the anticipation leading to “I Do.” Since there are distinct differences between this exciting announcement and a wedding invitation, PAPYRUS has put together a checklist of five items that are good etiquette to include in your save the date cards.

The Date

You can’t send a Save the Date card without the date. Many people wonder if they can just specify the month and year, but it is important to include the exact date so that guests can plan for the event.

The City and State

Announcing your venue should be saved for the formal invitation. Including the city and state will give your guests enough information to schedule travel plans. Reveal your chosen venue a few months later when you send the invites.

“Formal Invitation to Follow”

It is essential to stress on your save the dates that a formal invitation will follow this announcement. Many guests might be confused and consider it an incomplete or vague wedding invitation. By stating that a formal invitation will follow, you will avoid many perplexed calls or messages that may be headed your way.

A Return Address

Even though many brides and grooms feel that envelopes look better without one, it is necessary to include a return address when sending save the date cards. Without a return address, you will have no idea of knowing if a card wasn’t successfully delivered. Return addresses allow you to be aware of incorrect addresses or guests who may have changed their address. This step will help you get all your ducks in a row well before you send formal invitations.

Personal Details
Save the date cards should reflect your style as a couple. Try to include details that reflect your taste. This can range from a photo of the two of you to gold foil accents. These announcements set the tone for your wedding day; make sure they look great.