Get ready to party with the help of a PAPYRUS invite. With so many party possibilities—from anniversary soirees to sweet sixteens—you’ll definitely want to include the right wording so guests RSVP ASAP. Here are some party invitation wording ideas to help you get in the celebration frame of mind.

Anniversary Party

There’s no better reason to party than the success of someone’s marriage.

For the invitation wording:

  • Begin the invitation with a formal invite and introduction.
  • Move into highlighting the number of years the couple has been together. The year should stand out on a line of its own or in a larger font.
  • Follow up with a sentiment that sums up what’s being celebrated.
  • Add event details and information to RSVP.

Bat & Bar Mitzvah

This momentous religious rite of passage certainly merits a beautifully worded invitation. The same guidelines apply for a child’s baptism party, First Communion, or other holy event.

For the invitation wording:

  • Begin by announcing that you would be pleased to have the invitee to join you and your family for this special occasion.
  • Introduce your son or daughter with their name on a single line.
  • Briefly explain that they are called to the Torah to become a bar or bat mitzvah.
  • Follow with the date and time, the name of the temple, and the city location.
  • Add the parents’ names on the last line, separate from the temple information.


Keep it casual for a daytime or evening gathering.

For the invitation wording:

  • Detail the date and time of the get-together.
  • Add in an enticing line with a general overview of the menu (burgers, ribs, steak, etc.).
  • List the address of the barbecue.
  • Add in other pertinent details (i.e., “bring a swimsuit” or “BYOB”).
  • Include a number at the bottom for RSVPs or regrets so that you know how much food to buy and prepare.


When sending out a birthday invite, make sure the tone and imagery of the card matches the birthday party theme.

For the invitation wording:

  • Include the birthday boy or girl’s name, and make it stand out on the invite.
  • Add a brief description of the party (cocktails, dinner, dancing, etc.).
  • Be sure to include date, time, and address of where the party will take place.
  • Offer unique details. If it’s a surprise party, for example, make sure to note that, with instructions for guests.

Cocktail Party

Nothing says “party” like cocktails, so use your words to shake things up.

For the invitation wording:

  • Include essentials such as time, date, place, and RSVP.
  • Give guests an overview about what type of drinks to expect, such as specialty cocktails, beer, and wine.
  • Let guests know what kind of food will be served (snacks, hors d’oeuvres, etc.), so they can come with an appetite or eat dinner beforehand.
  • Garnish an invite with extra details. For instance, should guests contribute to the party by bringing a bottle? Is it cocktail party attire or more casual?

Graduation Party

Celebrate a job well done with an A+ party.

For the invitation wording:

  • Include the grad year (“Class of”).
  • Add date, time, and address of the graduation party.
  • Make sure to include other details. If inviting guests to the graduation ceremony as well, put the information for the ceremony first and “Reception to follow” at the bottom, with pertinent details.