Oh, Pinterest! How you’ve given us such unrealistic expectations about what the gifts beneath our trees are supposed to look like. All neat angles and perfect corners on presents. The reality? You’re frantically trying to figure out how to wrap that doll box with its curved top for your niece, a baseball glove for your son, or that new golf club for your spouse. 

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Life doesn’t come in neat packages, but we have a few go-to solutions for oddly-shaped gift wrapping.

Solution 1: Make a Gift Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

… Because sometimes there aren’t gift bags large enough for, say, a ridiculously large teddy bear. To create a gift wrap bag as neatly as possible, measure the gift at hand to make sure you have enough wrapping paper. Create the bottom of the bag by folding and taping to create a seam. Slide the teddy bear into the bag and either fold down the top, or gather and secure with tape or a bow.

Solution 2: Wrap With the Angles

Don’t fight them! Use a stiff wrapping paper, creasing and smoothing as you go along the edges. Arm yourself with plenty of tape! To avoid tears, choose a thicker or sturdier wrap like our Glitter Trees Roll Wrap.

Solution 3: Put a Bow On It

While you’re likely not giving out cars as gifts (a la Oprah), don’t discount the “wow” factor of a large bow around a play kitchen or a bicycle. The 1.5-Inch Silver Wired Ribbon lends itself to big, impressive bows. (You get a bike! You get a bike! Everybody gets a bike!)

Solution 4: Wrap It in Tissue Paper

What better way to easily wrap a stuffed animal than in tissue paper? Create an elegantly wrapped gift with sheets of Scarlet Red Tissue Paper and gather the top in a big bow.

Solution 5: Box a Box

Have an odd-shaped box to wrap? Stick it in a bigger square or rectangular box and wrap neatly. Easy, right?

Solution 6: Bag It!

If the gift fits, why not save yourself the trouble and time and use a gift bag. Unlike wrapping paper, gift bags are reusable. Simply tuck your gift into the bag (like this Dark Blue Medium Gift Bag), arrange some tissue paper, and—boom!—you’re done.