Looking for tips on how to gift your favorite vintage? Well, if you can’t drink the wine yourself, make the wrapping of a wine bottle as easy as possible with PAPYRUS. Here are a few of our favorite tricks.

Wrap (Easily!) with Wrapping Paper

Follow these super simple steps to quickly wrap a wine bottle with wrapping paper.

Step 1: Lay the wine bottle on a sheet of wrapping paper. Measure and cut.
Step 2: Use double-stick tape to attach the wrapping paper ends to each other, as well as the wine bottle.
Step 3: At the base of the wine bottle, fold wrapping paper ends under and secure with tape.
Step 4: Accordion fold extra paper above the wine bottle neck until you reach the cork.
Step 5: Tape down the accordion fold at its center.
Step 6: Tie a decorative ribbon around the wine bottle lengthwise.
Step 7: Attach the two ends of your accordion fold with double-stick tape to create a fanciful fan.
Step 8: Trim the edges of your ribbon for a final, polished look!

Wrap It in Burlap

A burlap sack tied with a ribbon adds a bit of rustic elegance to your gift-giving game.

Use a Festive Wine Bottle Bag

Looking for an easy yet cute wrapping idea? Use one of PAPYRUS' Wine Bottle Bags such as this Lipstick Gold Bottle bag or Blue Champagne Bottle Bag.

Find the Perfect Gift Wrapping

Show them you care with Gift Wrapping for Wine from PAPYRUS.

Shop Wine Gift Bags

Arrange a Gift Basket

Create a wine-themed basket complete with bottle of wine or two, this festive Pear Bottle Stopper, a Wine Bottle Ornament, and two of our Cup of Cheer Stemless Wine Glasses. Wrap in cellophane or simple adorn with a bow.

Tie It in a Fabric Bag

An antique style gold grapes charm enhances this wine velvet bottle bag. Gold twisted rope drawstrings cinch each bag closed. (It’s like a Crown Royal bag, but classier.) Our Plaid Fabric Gift Bottle Bag offers holiday charm in spades with its embroidered felt tree and satin cord tie.

Add a Playful Twist

Don’t take your gift-giving game too seriously. Pass along a bottle of cabernet in one of our playful paper holiday bottle gift bags. Tote these along to tacky sweater parties or your next White Elephant. With phrases like “Get Lit,” “Santa’s Little Helper,” “Have Yourself a Merry Little Hangover,” and “Caution: May increase chance to end up on the naughty list,” you may actually end up on the naughty list. In keeping with the theme, throw in a set of Glam Beaded Coasters.

Tuck in a Card

Add a card to accompany your wine gift. We offer wine-designed holiday cards like this Red & White Wine Christmas Card, which proclaims: “To a fabulous Sister / She dreamt of a WHITE CHRISTMAS / and when the WHITE runs out, A RED ONE!”