Seventeenth-century French dramatist Pierre Corneille once wrote, “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”

When you attend an event—a wedding shower, birthday party, or a graduation—you’ve thoughtfully selected a gift that suits the recipient. No matter where you are, PAPYRUS can help make your gift stand out. That’s why we provide luxury gift wrap suitable for any occasion. A sheet of rainbow hearts provides a playful pop of color; flocked damask in a rich ebony backed with silver foil strikes a note of elegant intrigue; and bright, splashy florals, gold ikat dots on mint paper, and antiqued world maps may wrap any gift for any age recipient—formal or casual, young or old.

Once you make your PAPYRUS gift wrap selection, PAPYRUS wants to make sure you know how to wrap a present to make your gift shine.

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You’ll need:

  • Your gift
  • A roll or a sheet of wrapping paper, depending on gift size
  • A roll of tape
  • Scissors
  • Any optional embellishments—ribbons, bows, cards

Step One: Measure Your Paper
Assuming you’re wrapping a box, place the gift box at one edge of the paper and with the widest part of the gift facing up, you’re going to “roll” your box, touching each surface to the paper as you “roll” to roughly measure out how much gift wrap you’ll need.

Step Two: Allow 2 to 3 Extra Inches
You know how sometimes you wrap something and underestimate how much wrapping you need? Before you start cutting the paper, this step ensures you have a little extra. Less is not more in this case.

Step Three: Crease Firmly
Crease one side about three-quarters of an inch over to create a hospital-corner-smooth edge.

Step Four: Place Your Gift on the Paper’s Center
Make sure you position your gift so the paper will overlap when folded over the gift’s center.

Step Five: Fold the Uncreased Side
Over the top of the gift, fold the side opposite from the one you made the small crease and put it as tightly over the box as possible, securing it to the gift with a piece of tape.

Step Six: Fold the Creased Side Over the Uncreased Side
Fold the creased paper up and over the taped-down uncreased side, making sure that the crease is extra smooth. Secure with two or three pieces of tape.

Step Seven: Tackle the Sides (and repeat the following steps on each side of the box).
Fold down the top half of the side paper, making sure it’s taut against the box side.

Step Eight: Make the Wings
Fold down the two side pieces to form triangular wings, creasing them sharply.

Step Nine: Fold in the Wings
As you fold them in, crease them against the box. When you fold in the first wing, crease the wing’s bottom part so it forms a triangle against your work surface. Secure with tape. The second wing will fold over the first, and repeat the creasing and the securing with tape.

Step Ten: Fold Up the Bottom Triangle
Tape the remaining triangle to the box.

Add your embellishments, and voila! You can place your PAPYRUS-wrapped present among the others at the party with confidence!