Wrapping presents is a blast, but oddly-shaped gifts, such as a ball, can create a challenge. Instead of chucking that new basketball into a bag or forgoing the wrapping paper all together, follow the steps below to learn how to wrap a ball:

Step 1:
Select your wrapping paper to measure and cut based on the size of the ball.

Step 2:
Cut 8 even strips.

Step 3:
Now take each strip and apply them evenly around the ball at different angles until it’s completely covered. It helps to think of the ball as a globe. Start with wrapping the first strip around the equator. Roll it over and the second strip around the prime meridian. From there, wrap the remaining six strips at diagonal angles.

Step 4:
Now it’s time to make the bow.

Step 5:
Unspool the ribbon. The length you’ll need depends on the size of the ball, but 4-5 feet should do the trick.

Step 6:
Wind the ribbon ten times around your hand.

Step 7:
Cut off the remainder. There should be about 1 foot of ribbon left. (This is called the off-cut.)

Step 8:
Make two cuts in the middle on both sides of the ribbon. Be careful not to cut all the way through.

Step 9:
Tie the off-cut around the two middle cuts.

Step 10:
Fold the ends of the off-cut in half.

Step 11:
Cut the ends at an angle to create an elegant shape.

Step 12:
Carefully open the loops and fluff them.

If the above is too complicated or intricate a wrapping job for your favorite sports junkie, here are a few other ways to wrap a ball.


Take a length of wrapping paper and fold each side equally towards the middle. Apply tape. Fold the bottom half to close it off. Make two more folds on the north and south ends of bottom fold. Apply tape. Carefully put the ball inside the open end of the wrapping paper at the top. Fold the top over once and use a hole punch to make an opening for a piece of string or ribbon to tie it off.

Bag It Up

A ball isn’t necessarily too fancy of a gift, so keep it simple with a large gift bag. This no-nonsense option has a vintage feel and is durable enough to carry around a full-sized basketball or football.