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Up your gift-giving game by topping your present with a statement bow from PAPYRUS. We have a large selection of readymade grosgrain bows in every color combination. And we also offer bows made of gold mesh ribbon and fun pale pink pom poms—perfect for any occasion. In addition, PAPYRUS has available a sumptuous array of ribbons by the roll—satin, organdy, metallic, sheer, grosgrain, iridescent, printed, and specialty ribbon—so you can create your own custom bows.

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Here’s an easy tutorial to finesse any present and make your gift the envy of other party goers. For the PAPYRUS version, you won’t need any fancy measuring tools or markers. Just some ribbon, craft wire, scissors, and a little can-do enthusiasm.

To tie a gift bow, you’ll need the following supplies:

1) A roll of ribbon. Something with stiff or wire edges works best to help the bow hold its shape.

2) Floral or jewelry wire, purchased in any craft store (In a pinch, twist ties also work.)

3) A pair of scissors 

Directions to create your bow:

Step One:
Take your roll of ribbon in one hand and measure out three arm lengths of ribbon (approximately 15 feet total). Cut the length of ribbon.

Step Two:
Fold the ribbon over itself in roughly 10-inch pieces until the entire ribbon is stacked in one 10-inch piece.

Step Three:
In the center of your ribbon on either side, make two small diagonal cuts, careful not to cut the whole stack of ribbon in half.

Step Four:
Take your length of floral wire and loop it through both notches, twisting the wire into a loose knot or closure.

Step Five:
Now that you have the foundation for your bow, begin separating each bow loop, unflattening them while twisting them into your bow’s loops. Do that for the entire bow.

Step Six:
With the end pieces, cut them diagonally for a finish.

Step Seven:
Cut another flat piece of ribbon to fit around your present and affix to the gift with tape or by tying it at the spot where you want to attach your bow.

Step Eight:
Attach your bow to the gift with the floral wire on the back of your bow.

There are plenty of bow tutorials online, but we love this one for its simplicity and its scalability.

This no-fail bow can be affixed to a large or small gift, and you can scale the bow size by simply folding the ribbon into smaller lengths (say 6 or 7 inches). We love affixing this bow to mailboxes, using them as Christmas tree toppers with extra ribbon tucked into the tree boughs, and they make the perfect adornment on a potted plant or on the hospital door of a new mother. If you use these bows seasonally, consider storing them with tissue paper tucked between the loops to help them keep their shape.

Once you play around with making these bows, you can use them for any occasion, and they give your gift a professional touch, and your friends will start calling you Martha Stewart.

When in doubt, put a bow on it.