how to put tissue paper in a gift bag

We choose gift bags often over wrapping a present for two reasons: 1) It’s easy and fast, allowing you to forego the hassle of wrapping, and 2) It’s easy to transport to and from a party.

But just shoving some tissue paper into a gift bag makes it look wrinkled and messy. At PAPYRUS we provide all your gift-giving supplies so you can make your gift stand out while throwing things together easily.

Looking for fun and festive, or dramatic and elegant? Going for a softer look? PAPYRUS has a wide range of premium tissue papers designed to complement any gift bag. And whether you’re aiming to please the Hello Kitty fan, looking for the perfect bag to fit a bottle of wine, or you need something more delicate—a pink floral bag with flower appliques—our gift bags fit the bill for any occasion.

Here’s how PAPYRUS packs the perfect gift.

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Your gift
  • A pack or two of tissue paper
  • A gift bag that will fit the present
  • Any embellishments, a card, a bow, or some ribbon (we have all those too!)

Now, let’s get going.

Step One:
Fold open each sheet of tissue paper on your work surface to ensure proper paper volume in the gift.

Step Two
Open up your gift bag and set down.

Step Three
You’ll want to create a sort of nest for the gift in the bag. Begin by lining the bag’s inner sides and bottom with tissue paper sheets, taking care to make sure the side sheets stick out at the top. You can use all one color of tissue paper or mix it up by using complimentary colors. We’ll arrange the sheets once the gift is placed in the bag.

Step Four
Carefully place your gift into the bag, taking care not to wrinkle or tear the tissue paper in the process.

Step Five
Now take two or three additional tissue paper sheets and smooth them neatly over the top of the gift so no part of the present is visible.

Step Six
Arrange the pieces of tissue paper sticking out the top of the bag, working carefully to separate any pieces.

Step Seven
For a fuller look, you may also add two or three additional pieces by folding each piece of tissue paper out completely flat on your work surface. Then, find the center each sheet, pinching that center from the bottom into a point and gathering the rest of the paper in your other hand. Carefully lift this cone-shaped piece of tissue and tuck it into the gift bag where extra paper is needed.

Step Eight
Now it’s time to add any embellishments. Affix a pre-made bow to the front of the gift. Tie a ribbon around the gift bag handles. Attach a card and envelope to the gift bag’s front or tuck it into the tissue paper so the recipient pulls it out prior to unwrapping the gift.

And, there you have it. A no-fail step-by-step on how to put tissue paper in a gift bag, giving your PAPYRUS-wrapped gift a put-together look.