Are you looking to add more of a fun, festive touch to a birthday gift?

Why not try making your own grosgrain curly bow? These beautiful corkscrew-style bows are perfect for wrapped gifts and gift bags.

PAPYRUS offers a number of multicolored grosgrain swirl curly bows perfect for any present, but we also provide the ribbon supplies to satisfy the do-it-yourselfer or consummate crafter. Plus, the gift recipient can keep the bow and reuse it time and again. This DIY bow tutorial can also double as a hair bow for little girls.

And it’s ridiculously easy to make.

We’ll show you just how easy right here.

To curl your grosgrain ribbon, you’ll need the following supplies:
  • Grosgrain ribbon (We like to do big batches at one time in a variety of colors).
  • Wooden dowel rods
  • Clothespins
  • Cookie sheet
  • Foil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Spray starch (optional)

We prefer to use the thinner grosgrain ribbon for this craft—the 3/8-inch ribbon, but if you have a larger size on hand, make sure you size up your dowels accordingly.

(Did we mention this involves a little baking?)

To Make the Grosgrain Ribbon Curls

Step One:

First, preheat your oven to 250 degrees, and while it’s warming, spread the foil across your cookie sheet so you don’t ruin it.

Step Two:

Next, cut a desired length of grosgrain ribbon with your scissors, take a wooden dowel, and secure the ribbon’s end to the top of the dowel, holding it in place with a clothespin. If you plan on using spray starch, lightly spray your dowel now. This will give the ribbon a little extra hold, but is not necessary if you don’t have it on hand.

Step Three:

Now you’ll twist the ribbon around the dowel until you reach the bottom. A tighter spacing will create tighter curls. When you complete one dowel, it should look like an old-fashioned barbershop pole.

Step Four:

Clip the bottom end with another clothespin.

Repeat as many times as you wish (or with as much ribbon and as many dowels as you have).

Step Five:

Place the ribbon-wrapped dowels on your foil-covered cookie sheet and place in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

When your timer goes off, take them out, let them cool, and carefully remove the curls from the wooden dowels.

To Make a Grosgrain Curly Bow

It’s even easier to make the grosgrain bow from your cooled curls. In fact, you can make it less than a minute.

You’ll Need the Following Supplies:

  • Your grosgrain ribbon curls
  • Clear tape
  • A stapler


Step One:

Gather the desired number of curls in your hands, stretch them out to find the middle. 

Step Two:

Then gently twist them together in the middle, secure with a piece of clear tape around the entire center. If you need a little more hold here, put a single staple in the center.

Step Three:

Attach that center to your gift and then arrange the curls for a desired full effect.


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