Sending out invitations and awaiting wedding RSVPS can potentially be one of the most stressful wedding planning tasks. Many couples spend a lot of time tracking RSVPs of those who didn’t bother responding. We know how frustrating this feels. Responding to an invitation is common etiquette, but unfortunately, flaking happens!

Although facing this challenge might be an inevitable wedding planning hurdle you’ll be glad you got over, these tips will help increase your RSVP response rate:

  1. Provide a Small Response Card
    Your goal is to make responding to the wedding invitation as simple as possible. Small wedding response cards are the ideal way to go about this. Be sure to include an addressed and stamped return envelope with the correct postage. This extra step on your part can help eliminate delayed responses by making the process easier for your guests. All they need to do is respond and slip the envelope in the mail.
  2. Think Beyond Snail Mail
    Although sending wedding invitations through the mail is still the preferred method, many people aren’t fans of this process. Traditional mail might create more of an opportunity for procrastination or forgetfulness. Give your guests RSVP options. Even though you’ve included a small wedding response card, provide an email address for those who prefer to RSVP through email.
  3. Send your invitations on time.
    Wedding invitations should be sent six to eight weeks before the big day, while the RSVP deadline should be three to four weeks out. Sticking to this timeline will eliminate the stress for you, and give your guests more than enough time to respond (fingers crossed!)
  4. Manage responses carefully.
    This is when organization and responsibility are key. Keeping track of the responses you do get on time is very important. This will make things much more organized and clear when it comes to contacting the guests who are “dragging their feet.” Whether you’re using a digital spreadsheet or the old-fashioned highlighting method, you want to run a tight ship when it comes to wedding responses.
  5. Don’t wait to follow up.
    If the RSVP deadline has passed, but you’re waiting for the last minute to follow up on guest responses, you’re only going to add worry and panic to the important days leading up to your wedding.

Most importantly, try not to stress too much! It’s important to stay organized and responsible during this exciting time, but do your best to relax and enjoy the planning process as much as possible!