Hosting a baby shower and prepping for all the exciting details to celebrate the mom-to-be is a special task. Welcoming or anticipating the arrival of a new baby is one of life’s most precious celebrations. With that said, hosting always comes with its stresses. Planning the party can raise many questions about proper baby shower etiquette, especially if you haven’t done this before. PAPYRUS is here to answer some of those questions. Refer to our tips on how to take the guesswork out of planning a memorable baby shower:

When is the right time to hold a baby shower?

Baby showers are typically held about four to six weeks before the baby’s arrival. Plan the shower around the mom-to-be’s due date. Some new moms prefer hosting the celebration after the baby is born. This can be done as well.

How many guests should I invite?

If you’re wondering how many guests to invite, this is also a decision that varies according to the host and the kind of party they have in mind. There are no rules. More often than not, baby showers are intimate gatherings that consist of the mother-to-be’s nearest and dearest. Also, remember what you’re comfortable with as the host. If you will be providing the venue and/or the catering, you can select a number of guests that’s most appropriate for you as a host.

Do I have to send formal baby shower invitations?

Although online invitations are becoming increasingly popular, there’s nothing quite like the sentiment of sending paper invitations through the mail. Formal invites make the event that much more festive and memorable.

Who determines the guest list?

This question can get tricky. Since the shower is held in honor of the mommy-to-be, naturally, the guest list won’t be made up of the host’s closest friends. However, as the host, you get a say in how many people you can accommodate. Once you’ve made this decision, the guest of honor should choose who she wants to invite according to that number.

Where should I include baby gift registry details?

Information regarding the gift registry boils down to taste. Many hosts feel it is necessary to include on the invitation. Providing these details might make gifting easier and more convenient for guests. However, others feel as though mentioning the registry implies the expectation of gifts. Some mothers-to-be choose to opt out of registering altogether. Nonetheless, if she has registered, it is common and still accepted to include the details on the invitations or on an additional insert that is sent with the invite.

Can the daddy-to-be join?

If the daddy-to-be feels left out of the festivities, you can always make the shower a co-ed affair! Involving the men can make for a fun experience that shifts from the traditional female-only baby shower. Why not let the men join in on the fun?

Should I hire a professional photographer?

Having professional photos of the shower is always a fantastic idea. At the same time, hiring a professional is a luxury that doesn’t fit every budget. If the cost is a little too high, kindly asking a few close friends to take photos during the event is a great budget-friendly option.