Your First Valentine’s Day

Your First Valentine's Day

Oh no. It’s here. Your first Valentine’s Day.

No, I don’t mean the first Valentine’s Day of your life. I mean there’s someone you want to give a Valentine’s Day card to for the first time. Whether they’re a friend, a romantic interest, or a family member, the first time you give someone a Valentine’s Day card can be super stressful!

What do you write in a Valentine’s Day card? Which Valentine’s Day card is perfect for a friend? What about for a Mother-In-Law?


But there’s no need to panic. This is a happy and joyful occasion meant to let people close to us know just how much we love them. It’s a good thing. Just take deep breaths and we’ll figure this out together, okay?

Some Sweet & Touching Valentine Card Ideas

This is just a springboard. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day cards out there, from sweet to romantic. However, we know that having so many choices can be overwhelming. So let’s focus on what sentiment you want to convey first.

Valentine’s Day Messages for a Friend

Friends are the family we choose. Sometimes they can be the most important and influential person in our lives. Of course we’d want to let them know how much we love them!

“Nobody makes me laugh harder than you!”

But what to write?

What does a friend mean to you—support? Fun times? The easiest way to come up with what to write in a Valentine’s Day card for your friend is to imagine how they’d feel when they read it. Everyone appreciates knowing how much they mean to someone else! Here’s some examples:

  • Nobody makes me laugh harder than you!
  • You’re the first person I think of when there’s good news to share.
  • Love that we have each other’s backs, always.

Valentine’s Day Messages for your brother

Not everyone is blessed with the perfect sibling relationship. But maybe you want to use Valentine’s Day to get sentimental for once, and let your brother (or sister!) know that he’s an important part of your life.

“You can always count on me!”

But what to write?

Luckily, this one is fairly simple. Don’t overthink it. Giving someone a Valentine’s Day card can speak volumes on its own, so a few words are just the cherry on top. Here’s some ideas to start off with:

  • I’m always here for you!
  • So glad that you’re my brother!
  • You can always count on me. 

Valentine’s Day Messages for your Mother-In-Law

She’s the mother of the person you love most in this world. Sometimes you might not get along with her, or maybe you love hanging out with her! Either way, she’s family and you’d like to extend a sincere gesture honoring the bond you share. 

“I feel so blessed to be a part of your family.”

But what to write?

Really make her day by letting her know how much you appreciate her role in your partner’s life. Or even better—let her know what an important role she plays in your life!

  • I feel so blessed to be a part of your family.
  •  Only a truly amazing person could have raised such an amazing son/daughter!
  • You make the world so much brighter!

Love to Love You

Valentine’s Day, Love Day, whatever you want to call it—February 14th is the day we can all go overboard with affection. A card might seem like such a small gesture, but (excuse the cliche) it really is the thought that counts!

So when you’re stressing over what to write in a Valentine’s Day card, just remember that you’re doing this to make them feel special and loved. You can’t go wrong, just write what’s in your heart! 

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