You Gotta Be Kitten Me: 12 Card & Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Cat Connoisseur

Picture of one cool cat

Paw beans, curled feetsies, and cat loaves: the internet has come up with some great slang for our kitten friends. These little (and loud) creatures take up way more space than you’d expect, but they also fill your life with so much love.

My own cat might not be talking to me right now (she wasn’t a fan of yesterday’s trip to the vet). But I know that, after some good treats and ear scratches, she’ll forgive me. Kitties are a lot more sweet that people give them credit for! Why else would people devote so much energy to making their cats happy?

But cat people deserve some love, too. PAPYRUS delights in creating sweet and humorous greeting cards, and animals have always been one of our favorite subjects. So we have plenty of cat greeting cards, stationery, and gifts for you to pick from—with bright colors and happy cat illustrations that will make the friend of felines in your life smile wide.

Send some ‘Purrs’ through the Post Office

Cat Greeting Cards

Cat Cupcakes Birthday Card | Bucktooth Kitty Cat Birthday Card | Biscat Blank Card

Hello! How happy would a cat person be to open their mailbox and find one of these adorable and funny letters inside?

It’s not just that there’s a cat (although, these are really cute cats!)—your recipient will be touched by your thoughtfulness in choosing a subject they care deeply about. There’s something very special about having people who really know you. And all it takes to make someone feel like that is sending a nice note through the mail.

So let’s be honest, people who love cats never get sick of cat stuff. From adorable to cheeky, our cat-themed greeting cards will always bring a smile to those cat lovers’ faces (even if you don’t get the obsession)!

The More the Meow-ier: Cat Boxed Note Cards

Cat Stationery

Cat Portraits Blank Notes | Cute Kitties Assorted Boxed Notes | Kittens Assorted Boxed Notes

Ok—so maybe you’re a bit more apathetic about getting cats in the mail. But this isn’t about you, is it? And these cat stationery sets, whether you can admit it or not, are so, so cute. They’re almost too cute. Cat owners would have a bit of trouble giving one of these up just to send a friend a note. But they’d do it, because cat people are very caring.


Who knows, they might end up framing these cards and putting them on the wall. Or they might send a few letters out. No matter what happens, they’ll remember how sweet you were to give a gift that honored their “cat-itude.”

Cat Puns & Pens: Gifts for Cat People

Gifts for Cat People

Greetings Kitty Wooden Music Box | Cat with Flower Crown Spiral Notebook | Kitten Me Desk Sign | Feline Fine Trinket Tray | How to Be A Cat Book

What are the common traits among cat people?

Well, they like cats. Have you ever heard the phrase, it was like trying to herd a pack of cats? One cat person can be completely different from each other, but they will always share that one love in common—which makes finding gifts for them super easy!


Cat Glitter Pen

Glitter White Cat Desk Pen

Just find something with a cat on it.

Notebooks. Mugs. Trinket trays. They’re all cute, and they’re even cuter with a couple of kittens on them. Or if you’re going for a truly show-stopping, meaningful gift, give them an adorable, wooden cat music box. Nothing will top that (except for maybe an actual, real-live cat).

Why do we love cats so much?

Jokes aside, cats do mean a lot to their people. They give love and companionship, and they also bring purpose—taking care of a living creature and keeping them safe and happy is such a fulfilling responsibility.

When you give a cat-themed gift to a cat person, you’re recognizing something they care about a whole lot. It can be sweet and thoughtful, or even silly. But either way, it shows a deep understanding. And who doesn’t want to be understood?  Another awesome cat

One cool cat.

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