Women’s Month: Celebrating the Leading Lady of Chic

Chic Lady

You look to her for fashion advice. You know her outfit will be perfectly tailored for the occasion. And you know her accessories will always be on point. The Chic Lady is the reigning queen of glam, and no one will ever be able to kick her off that throne!

This March, we’re celebrating Women’s Month by curating five glamorous and fun collections with gifts, note cards, and accessories that exemplify each unique leading lady’s personal style. PAPYRUS is all about living a life filled with beauty and love and we’re absolutely delighted to introduce our first lady, the woman all about style—the Chic Lady.

Life is a Statement Piece

If you’ve met the Chic Lady, you know she won’t even go to the grocery store without being exquisitely accessorized. She lives for making the sidewalk her runway. She has every detail covered. And she knows that any accessory is an opportunity.

Shopping for the Chic Lady may seem like a hazard, but we’ve got you covered. She’s style and ambition all wrapped in one.


Black Onyx Crystal RingFabulous Sunglasses Blank CardBoss Lady MugMakenzie Studded Black Handbag

Correspondence On Point

Would the chic lady ever forget to write a thank you note? How tacky—of course not. But she’d definitely use the opportunity to delight her recipients with dazzling cards and chic notes that showcase her personal style.

She loves to sit at her writing desk and peruse her inventory of beautiful cards. She looks for the perfect design while holding a chic pen that shimmers with gold dot accents. But most of all, she loves knowing how much her friends will appreciate a personal note full of sincere words.


Effervescent Eiffel Tower Zip PouchBlack & Silver Skirt with Shrug Blank CardSilver Glitter Bow Tie Gift TopperLively Leopard Boxed Thank You Notes

Fashionably Late But Always On Time

Even her gifts to the hostess are decked out to the nines but never overdone. She’ll walk into the party with a bottle of wine wrapped in a stunning black gift bag, that looks appropriately dapper with its bow tie, or a gift that zings with a show-stopping silver glitter topper.

She’s an excellent guest. She energizes the party with just the right dash of her unique verve!

Queen of Chic

The Chic Lady works hard at her craft—living fashion, love, and friends first!—and PAPYRUS applauds her for it. Our curated assortment of gifts and cards epitomizes what we adore about the Chic Lady’s lifestyle and pays homage to her taste.

Happy Women’s History Month! 

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