Women’s Month: Celebrating the Fierce Woman

She’s not here to win your approval. She doesn’t care what you think about her language. And she always knows what she wants.

But the Fierce Woman isn’t all claws. She’s a balance of hard and soft, grace and glam, and sugar and spice. She’s the friend who will spur you on to greater things with tough love—but she’ll shred anyone who tries to hurt you.

For Women’s Month, we at PAPYRUS have been celebrating all the different and amazing ladies out there doing their thing. Now it’s time to hype the fierce gals who rock leopard prints and hot pink accessories while confidently working towards their goals with a passionate energy everyone should strive for.


She Makes the Words Work

After writing a list of things to do, the Fierce Woman does them. One by one, she knocks out all her goals, crossing them off as she moves closer and closer to her biggest dreams. There’s no second-guessing. There’s no falling behind. There’s no missing deadlines. There’s only accomplishing what she sets out to do. The Fierce Woman could teach a masterclass in making money moves.

Leopard & Boots Spiral Notebook Ruby Shine Ballpoint Pen Let’s Do This Notepad


She Defines Fierce

You know when you’re looking at the Fierce Woman. She embodies the spirit of personal drive and strength, and surrounds herself with accessories and decor symbolizing those qualities. She’s also just really into fun. She adores hot pinks, bold reds, and cheeky phrases. Oh, and she’s definitely not above using some vulgar language!

Most importantly, she never backs down.

Where There Is a Woman Trinket Tray Girl Gang Coin Purse I Do What I Want Mug


She’s Here for the Squad

Although she sometimes ruffles a few feathers when she doles out the tough love, her friends know the fierce woman is always there to cheer them on. Her cards for friends might make a few people blush, but her sincerity is always clear. And she’s not the sweetest writer in the squad … but she’s been known to bring out a few (happy) tears with her words of support.

Glam Girl Friendship Card Best B*tches Friendship Card That’s My Girl Friendship Card

So what’s hidden under that driven, confident exterior? An iron core. Well, a leopard print iron core, probably. When she does make a mistake, she knows she has what it takes to rally (and look cute while doing it). The fierce woman also empowers other women. Even with small gestures, like sending an inspiring friendship card, she makes people feel like they can accomplish anything.

For all her amazing qualities, celebrate the Fierce Woman this Women’s Month—just make sure not to get in her way!

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