Women’s Month 2019: Celebrating the Witty Gal

You know what the Witty Gal would say?

“Always save the best for last.”

It’s almost time to close the curtains on an exciting Women’s Month 2019 (but we all know women rock every month of the year) and shine a spotlight on our final leading lady. She’s smart. She’s confident. And she definitely has a way with 


The Witty Gal always knows how to make you laugh with funny cards and sassy accessories. She has all the best one-liners, shameless opinions, and eye-catching, quirky fashion sense. Be glad she’s your friend and not your frenemy. You definitely would not want to be on the wrong side of her witty ways.

But since you’re BFF with the best gal around, it’s always good to know what’s probably waiting in her PAPYRUS wish list!

Funny Friendship Cards You Actually Laugh At

When the Witty Gal sees a funny card she likes, she gets it. Puns? She loves puns. Topical jokes? Bring on all the Instagram memes and sassy gossip you can find. One of the Witty Gal’s best qualities is her unabashed delight in pop culture—she doesn’t say “guilty pleasure,” she just says “pleasure.” So if she sees a Chihuahua dressed up like Kylie Kardashian, she’s for sure going to buy that card!

Your Weirdness Friendship CardFreak Flag Birthday CardInsta vs IRL Friendship CardBeach Babes Friendship Card


Live Colorfully & Never Look Back

Rainbow pens and cartoon stickers aren’t just for kids. (Although the Learn How to Swear Book is definitely just for adults). The Witty Gal’s pop color stationery and quirky office accessories fit her vivacious personality—and then some. Whatever she pulls from her desk is always a delightful surprise.

You Need These Sticker BookLearn How to Swear BookNeon LePen SetRainbow Writers Journal Pack

Let the (Instagram-Worthy) Good Times Roll

Bright. Fun. Exciting. The Witty Gal is drawn to gifts and accessories that make her smile. Does she love that neon pink wine glass? Then it’s perfect! She doesn’t worry about colors clashing inside her kitchen cabinet—because what’s the fun in overthinking?

And while the rest of us may go for classic candle scents, she always picks the most interesting of the bunch. Because, seriously, how could she possibly go on without knowing what a lime cilantro candle smells like? Of course, then you’ll have that hysterical, witty candle review to look forward to on Insta.

Party Time Glitter Balloons Jumbo Gift Bag Your Face Smiley Face Stainless Steel Tumbler Let That Sh*t Go Stemless Wine Glass Emoji Zip Pouch  Illuminate Lime Cilantro Large Jar Candle

Women. Ladies. Gals.

We at PAPYRUS loved curating super fun card, gift, and accessory collections throughout Women’s Month 2019. While every woman is an individual powerhouse of her own, there’s great joy, community, and strength to be found in our shared qualities. We learn from each other. We boost each other up. And we care for each other.

So, what does a light-hearted friendship card mean? What does a witty wine glass convey?

Your project proposal falls through. There’s a coffee stain on your shirt. Then you get into a fender-bender on the way home from work. But after getting through the front door, dropping your keys on the counter, and kicking off your shoes, you manage to check the mail. Among the bills and flyers, there’s bright pink envelope—and inside it is a gorgeous card with foil lettering that reads, “Just because…”

And, well—for the less sentimental girls, a wine glass that says “Let That Shit Go,” probably has the same impact. To share an inside joke or to have a friend who knows your taste in cute accessories can mean the world. So imagine what it means to someone else when you send a lovely (or even sassy) card “just because.”

For Women’s Month, we not only celebrate women—we celebrate the connections and friendships between them.

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