Women’s Month 2019: Celebrating the Adventurer

Pull on those hiking boots, tie the laces, and definitely remember to bring sunscreen. There’s a new adventure on the horizon—with unexplored landscapes, tasty food, and exciting people to meet! For Women’s Month 2019, we’re charting a course through all the gifts, cards, and accessories our favorite Adventurer would love, and we’re celebrating her thirst for experiencing all the amazing journeys life has to offer.

PAPYRUS advocates for living a full life. We stand for close bonds, strong connections, and embracing happiness. With those core values, it’s no wonder that we love the Adventurer, whose open and curious spirit brings her new friends wherever she goes.

But what tokens does an adventurer bring on her travels? What treasures does she decorate her space with to symbolize her love of wandering? And how does she reach out to the people she loves while far away from home?

Letters from the Journey & Records of an Adventure

The adventurer goes far and wide. She seeks experiences to fill her soul, but also to write home about. She loves reaching out to family and friends; telling them stories of beautiful places abroad but also letting them know she misses them. Writing a heartfelt card from across the miles always brings her home for just a moment, right when she needs it.

Vintage Map Blank CardAny Road Blank CardWanderlust Birthday Card

The Adventurer is also practical. With all those trails to hike and cities to see, she knows to keep her burden light—but she always records her travels! Slim, colorful journals full of astounding adventures line her bookcases at home. The pages hold her life like a never-ending novel.

Painterly Handmade Journals


Gorgeous Mementos & Daily Inspiration

On a warm summer evening, to sit back, take a sip of coffee, and reflect on past journeys is a small but cherished pleasure for the Adventurer. Her space is decorated with heartwarming and inspiring pieces that remind her of life’s travels but also motivate her to keep finding new paths.

She also loves sharing a little bit of her adventurous spirit with guests—filling them with wonder and inspiring them to gather fresh experiences of their own! Simple yet invigorating words of wisdom, bright trinkets to capture interest, and eclectic decor all add to her enterprising aura.

Stitched Rainbow MagnetEnjoy the Journey MugCelebrate the Wonder Catchall TrayPaper Lantern String Lights


Soft, Woven & Wonderful

Even with all its beauty, the world can be a hard place sometimes. Especially when you’re far away from home! The Adventurer knows to carry something soft with her wherever she goes, from macrame pouches to comfy scarves. She loves eclectic patterns and fresh, woven designs. But everything definitely still has that touch of adventure!

Pattern Play ScarfTeal Macrame KeychainCanvas Macrame Pouch

The Adventurer goes for miles across oceans and countries. She sees the world and meets new people. She’s always curious and always learning. And when the current journey is done, she comes back to her home, her friends, and her family so that she can share everything she’s experienced before resting her head on a soft pillow and dreaming of all the new adventures to come.

Live Happy Throw Pillow

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