Things Are Heating Up! Summer Essentials from PAPYRUS

I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to recreate the summers of my childhood. And now that I have small children of my own, that magic is more important than ever. As an adult, though, summer break is largely a thing of the past, and I’m the one footing the bill for vacations now.

My summers lately consist of work deadlines, carting kids to swimming lessons and other activities, and trying to stay as close to an AC as possible. As a result, most of those summer days seem to slog on by.

But then, at the end of each summer, something happens. I look back at my Instagram posts and a different story emerges: Those mundane days where the kids watch too much TV? The piles of laundry that don’t get done? The ants that magically appear in my kitchen in the heat of the summer? Those things fall away.

We’re always told not to judge people by their online personas. But, looking at my own Instagram gallery, I come away with that picture-perfect sense of nostalgia that does indeed capture my own childhood magic.

This past summer included a blissful trip to Florida filled with sandcastles, golf cart rides, bubbles, and beaches. There were lazy afternoons spent by the pool watching my children learn to gain confidence in the water. We took morning trips to get doughnuts, had picnics in the park, waded in the creek, and performed experiments at the children’s museum.

Even if you can’t make it to the beach or to the pool much, let PAPYRUS connect you with some of the hottest summer essentials that don’t require sunscreen, but that offer a bit of that peak summertime nostalgia.

Stay Hydrated

I’m really bad at drinking water. Until I bought my beach-themed Kate Spade New York tumbler, the entire day could go by where all I had was coffee. This floral Kate Spade tumbler lets you hydrate in style. And for those on the go, this Traditional Monogram With Flowers Water Bottle offers a flip-top-style straw so you can get in your 64 ounces. Hand-painted flowers, along with a personalized monogram, add a delicate touch.


Cool It!

To get yourself beach- or picnic-ready, it doesn’t get any cooler than this vinyl Watermelon Cooler Bag. Whether you’re filling it with ham and cheese sandwiches for the kids or a bottle of afternoon rosé, the bag will keep your drinks and sandwiches icy cold.

Shake It Off

Summer is no time to be stressed. So why not get those worries off your mind and on paper? Our Write It Down And Let It Go Journal offers you a chance to do just that, with inspiring quotations, a soothing color palette, and plenty of space to let it all out and leave it on the page.

Soak in the Nature

The only way to commune with nature without actually setting foot outside (sometimes it’s just too hot!) is with our exclusive NIQUEA.D sampling kit of bath and body treats. Our Forest Field Kit features triple-milled perfumed soap, green tea body scrub, shea butter shower gel, cocoa butter hand cream, and jojoba oil lip nectar in earthy forest scents like Oak Bark, Arctic Moss, and White Sage.


Gifts from the Sea

Dreamy cliffs speckled with purple wildflowers that give way to the sea. A flat beach where the ocean kisses the shore. Roaring waves creating rich white foam. With the PAPYRUS By the Sea Assorted Notecards all roads lead to the beach. Twenty notecards make it easy to send out sandy salutations to friends and family.

Sea & Sand

Bring a bit of the beach into your home with the Sea Salt & Sand Small Jar Candle. Close your eyes and take in the salty scent blended with a hint of cucumber, sea greenery, and soft musk. You may not be standing on the shore, but you still inhale that delicious sea air.


So, go ahead, reclaim a little of that sun-kissed summer magic for yourself.

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