The Story of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

When is Mother’s Day this year? May 12th!

That’s a pretty common question around this time of year—you probably searched the internet for an answer, too. (No shame, obviously!)

But have you ever wondered about the story of Mother’s Day? How Mother’s Day got started? It’s actually pretty interesting.

Moms have been celebrated across the world on different days for a long time, such as the Roman festival of Hilaria or the Greek celebration of the Goddess Rhea. People would make offerings to these deity moms and honor their motherhood. But, interestingly enough, these ancient festivals didn’t have anything to do with how Mother’s Day got started in the US.

On May 9th, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Mother’s Day as a national holiday.

People already celebrated some form of Mother’s Day before this historic event by writing cards to their mothers or going to church with them. But President Wilson made things really official: moms get their day!

Mother’s Day at PAPYRUS

Hanging Letters Mother's Day Card

“Mom” Hanging Letters Mother’s Day Card

Flowers and gifts were slowly folded into the tradition of Mother’s Day, but handwritten cards were always important. Sending a heartfelt card to your mom still stands as one of the most touching and sincere gestures you could ever make!

We at PAPYRUS have always loved Mother’s Day cards and what they represent.


Vintage PAPYRUS cards

[Two vintage PAPYRUS Mother’s Day card designs]

We believe greeting cards can be little works of art that carry priceless notes of love to an important recipient.And our designs have always been created with the goal of presenting something truly special.

Flower Cascade Mother's Day Card

Flower Cascade Mother’s Day Card

Although styles and artwork have changed, the sentiment and sincerity have stayed the same! And Mother’s Day has only grown since Woodrow Wilson signed that bill (and certainly since the Romans celebrated Hilaria!)—probably because people really treasure their moms!

Here’s some fun Mom facts that prove it:

    • Mother’s Day is the busiest day for restaurants in the US
    • Babies usually vocalize the sound “ma” early on, which is the word for “Mom” starts with a “ma” sound in so many languages.
    • The highest amount of phone calls happens on Mother’s Day

Vintage Marcel Schurman

[Two vintage Marcel Schurman Mother’s Day card designs]

So don’t forget to call mom!

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