Sweet Treats for Your Little Loves


It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. And while the romantic holiday brings to mind roses, bubble baths, champagne, and all the other heart-shaped ephemera, think a little less romantic.

The holiday—a purported invention of, ahem, that other greeting card company—offers the perfect opportunity to provide sweet treats and other saccharine-y sentiments for your littlest loves—sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, or family friends.

So why not create a Valentine’s Day to remember for them?

In my house, I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. At their ages, nothing delights them more than the opportunity to celebrate.

Read on for a celebration filled with sweet treats … and a little PAPYRUS.

Create a Swoon-Worthy Breakfast

What’s better than pancakes? Heart-shaped pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar! Grab metal heart-shaped cookie cutters, spray them with Pam (or grease them well with butter) and pour in your pancake batter. I use this simple Fluffy Pancakes recipe from AllRecipes.com. Arrange on a plate with cut-up strawberries and use a sifter to cover them with powdered sugar.

Few things delight my daughter more than the color pink (and princesses). For pink milk, add a drop of food coloring and stir. Or, add some additional sugar to their systems by mixing in pink strawberry Nesquik.

Send them Some Lunch Love

If you pack them a lunch or snack for school, add a little love note to the lunch. For non-readers, I like to decorate a brown paper sack with markers, stickers, and the occasional touch of glitter (the glitter is mainly retaliation to the preschool teachers who love to send home glitter artwork).

Create a Craft


Little hands love little crafts. Our Love Hearts Beading Set allow you to string necklaces and bracelets with colorful wooden beads and ribbon.

Give them a Sweet Keepsake Gift

Sure, they’ll come home from school with all sorts of sugar-laden candy—Sweetarts, Blow Pops, Smarties, candy hearts. But why not surprise them with a little Valentine’s gift they’ll treasure long past February 14?


PAPYRUS’ handcrafted wooden musical boxes fit the whimsy bill. This Rabbit & Heart Wooden Music Box is a true collectible that will grow with the child. A pair of bunnies meet beneath a heart-shaped arbor of leaves while “Beautiful Dreamer” plays from the box.

Give the Gift of a Card


And, of course, you’ll want to pick the perfect card. The Snail Puzzle Card features die-cut puzzle pieces for some family-friendly fun. We also love the Bee My Valentine Card featuring a whimsical polka dot design.

Or, go more sentimental with a son- or daughter-specific card, like this handmade “You Are Smart, Funny, Talented” Valentine card for a son, which features fun lettering and unique tip-ons.

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