Spring Trends: Calligraphy

I’ve been practicing calligraphy since the sixth grade when our enterprising school librarian began offering a calligraphy class as one of the extracurriculars. I won’t mention what year that was (“Friends” hadn’t quite gone on the air), but for hours I began practicing my best italic-style calligraphy, hunched over a lined piece of paper as I learned about nib sizes and letter slants.

Thanks to that middle-school instruction, when I got married 11 years ago, I hand-addressed my own wedding invitations using my calligraphy knowhow.

Fortunately, the ancient art isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hand-lettering and calligraphy, as it’s evolved, is more popular than ever. And, unlike me, you don’t have to spread that learning out over a semester.

In recent years, my own calligraphy has evolved as well. I still use the marker and paint calligraphy pens with the flat nibs, but I’ve also upgraded my calligraphy tools to a walnut calligraphy pen, a whole cadre of metal nibs and beautifully hand-dyed inks.

One of the things I love about PAPYRUS is our use of calligraphy throughout our products. Here are a few of my current favorites:


classic calligraphy

It doesn’t get anymore timeless than this. The Calligraphic Thank You Boxed Notes from Marcel Shurman are the epitome of elegance. The lovely set of eight letterpress cards feature flourished script that’s perfect for expressing gratitude for a wedding or anniversary gift. The inside is blank so you have plenty of room to write your personal messages.

amazing thanks

You know who you are. And you are amazing. There’s no better way to share that sentiment with a helpful friend or family member than with the You Are Amazing Letterpress Card. Light green text gets extra flourish with the beautiful calligraphy in this NIQUEA.D card.

lovely letterpress


Love the life you’ve created with your spouse or partner? The Love of My Life Letterpress Card spells that out pretty clearly with much hand-lettered embellishment. The card perfectly complements any anniversary—whether commemorating a first date or 50 years of blissful togetherness.



And, to the lighter side of calligraphy, have you checked out our F*cking Awesome Coloring Book? When you really need to destress, this adult-themed coloring book allows you to do so with its snarky profanity and removable pages. Cheers, b*tches!


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