Spring Cleaning: PAPYRUS Office Edition

Real talk: No one’s office looks magazine-worthy most of the time. You’ve probably got cords, coffee mugs, and way too much paperwork to keep track of … not to mention the actual to-do list that seems like it’s miles long. So when you plan to do your home spring cleaning (and by plan, we, of course, mean “get so frustrated that you just start getting rid of clutter on a whim”), why not do some tidying up of your office or cubicle, too?  

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Here are a few of our ideas and products to undertake a workspace refresh:

Simplify, Simplify … and then Simplify Some More

No, you don’t need all those sticky notes adhered to your computer screen. Nor do you need all those business books from grad school. Store reminders in a binder or planner. Write dates on a weekly desk pad. Donate books, and recycle outdated manuals. The less clutter, the more efficient you’ll be.

Create Zones

Does your office assistant bring folders full of reports to your desk each week? Do you find your space cluttered with product samples that need reviewing? Take your cue from the band Radiohead—“Everything in its right place.” That means make room for a tray in your office for reports, and add a basket or box, like this large floral box, on a shelf for products. Everything else? Keep it out of sight.

Organize Drawers

When we say keep things out of sight, we don’t mean just shoving stuff into a drawer until you can’t find it. Place organizers in drawers, and keep things easily accessible. Drawer dividers let you neatly store everything from paper clips to staples and extra pens. These Kate Spade New York Gold Dot Stackable Accessories also make quick work of organization. Look for fancy folders, like the Rifle Paper Co. file folders, to add a floral touch to bland reports.

Keep the Trashcan Handy

We tend to hang onto papers we think we might someday need. Once a week, sift through those papers and get rid of what you don’t absolutely need. You’d be surprised at how much paperwork you acquire that you’ll never again review. Our mantra: Let that shit go, which, conveniently, is printed on this oval magnet (so if your trashcan is metal, stick this to it as a figurative and literal reminder).

Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Not to sound too much like Oprah (Just kidding. Who doesn’t want to sound like Oprah?), but if you have to put in eight hours at the office, why not make it as pleasant a space as possible? Get some pretty pens, like this Rose Gold Diamond Pen, and notebooks; add a lamp to your office to soften the lighting; bring in flowers or other knickknacks. 

 Treat your desk to a Spring refresh!

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