Sassy Gift Ideas For Unfiltered Friends

Most of us have one friend who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her irreverent (sometimes teenage-boy) humor, coupled with a healthy dose of unapologetic honesty and lack of filter makes her a precious gem in your friendship arsenal. You know, the one who texts you poop emojis and sends you selfies of her mid-glass of wine … at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon….

Fortunately, we at PAPYRUS get her sense of humor, too, delivering the perfect gift options for that blunt—sometimes un-PC—friend you can’t help but cherish. Here are some of our favorite PAPYRUS picks:

If you think your friend is a f*cking genius, why don’t you just say so?
Ever had a great idea and needed a place to put it? Created by Calligraphuck this foil-stamped notebook collection provides elegant touches so you or a friend can record your most brilliant ideas. With a design so timeless, you’ll almost overlook the the pleasantly placed f-bombs.

Making lists has never been more honest. The I’m Not Bossy Magnetic List Pad has more sass than Regina George in Mean Girls. Featuring vintage imagery and bold quotes, there’s no need for humility: “I’m not bossy, I just have better ideas.” Proof that this list pad is a guaranteed win.

Dominate the world on your birthday. Spell out warm birthday wishes in Letterpress with graceful calligraphic flourishes. “You Are a Badass,” proclaims the card. And inside: “And you know it.” Enough said.

Because she loves profanity and puns. Gift her this Oh For Fox Sake Pouch.

Need an irreverent greeting? If you can’t find the right words, try sprinkling in some colorful language and classing it up with gold foil calligraphic lettering. This set of twelve Fan F-ing Tastic Note Cards lets all your friends know that “You’re the sh*t” and “You make my f*ing day.” Eloquent, right?

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