Refresh Your Summer Space With Paper Destiny

At PAPYRUS, we’re all about quality. It’s just one of the many reasons we offer our exclusive Paper Destiny collection, which includes greeting cards, stationery, and gifts for the home.

And while we have a wide range of Paper Destiny products, you can find our latest pieces for the summer in the Live Give Happy line and Live in the Sunshine collection. What’s so special about these collections? Paper Destiny celebrates the human spirit with colorful, whimsical gifts to make your heart and home sunny and joyful.

With that in mind, here are a few ways to refresh your desktop, kitchen, or any space in your home, along with some of our favorite products in the Paper Destiny lines that will help add a pop of color and an infusion of fun!

Freshen Up With Florals

The beauty of flowers is you can live in the middle of the city and still add a cheeriness to your space, and you don’t have to spend a ton. Pick up a bouquet of sunflowers at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or your favorite grocery store; grab a bundle of greenery to get more mileage out of those flowers, too. A bouquet of eucalyptus, along with seasonal flowers, will allow you to get two or three vases worth of flowers to place around your home or apartment.

Refresh of Your Summer Space With Paper Destiny | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Floral-inspired Paper Destiny Picks: Bloom Always Canvas Tote // Pretty in Pink Parrot Zip Pouch // Embroidered Florals Magnet

Add Pretty Pops of Color

Is your office space trending toward bland? Introduce color in subtle or bold ways. Add a throw pillow to your office chair. A bright vase to your desktop. A patterned rug or a piece of statement art.

Refresh of Your Summer Space With Paper Destiny | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Colorful Paper Destiny Picks: Pastel Rainbow Magnet // Sunkissed Llama Throw Pillow // Sunrise Butterfly Ceramic Tile


Out with the old, the bland, the heavy! Organize your surfaces. Clear off the dining room table. Make a place for all your office papers. Clean surfaces to make a space seem more open.

Refresh of Your Summer Space With Paper Destiny | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Organizing Paper Destiny Picks: Painterly Purple and Teal Notebook Set // Bloom Assorted Sticky Note Folio // Beach Please Cell Phone Holder  

Lighter Layers

Swap out those heavy comforters for lighter textures. Change drapes out for breezy curtains that let the light in. Rotate out your dishes and mugs for things that are colorful and cool. Don’t let your purse weigh you down; swap it out for a casual tote that can go from the office to the beach.

Refresh of Your Summer Space With Paper Destiny | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Summer-Layers Paper Destiny Picks: Hola Jute Tote // Pink Parrot Silk Scarf // Soul Sister Mug

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