Papyrus x Adam Selman at NYFW: The Shows!

Hi Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Emily Men from The Wardrobes, a lifestyle blog! Papyrus has been my all-time favorite and only place I get cards, decorations and anything for special occasions or no occasion at all! Papyrus has always given every opportunity to truly embrace and appreciate real gestures through the thoughtfulness of a beautiful and unique message written from the heart, but it doesn’t stop there.

Papyrus is back at New York Fashion Week in their eleventh consecutive season this September! Papyrus is known for their Designer Collaboration Series from designers Zang Toi, Lela Rose, and Judith Leiber! To continue the tradition – it’s a super special season because they teamed up with Adam Selman for his highly anticipated SS2018 runway show at NYFW!! Which is a totally new and different experience! I’m also obsessed with Adam Selman so this collaboration was a show I simply could NOT miss. Papyrus collaborated with the designer and Daniel Sean Murphy of The Wall Group to create an unbelievable set entirely made of…PAPER. I mean, incredible.

I had the privilege of being able to go backstage before the show for some behind the scenes action!

This was just the start of it! This collaboration and creative process drew inspiration from Adam and Papyrus’ use of embellishments, embroidery and unique stitching across their designs. Papyrus’ incredible attention to detail, especially when through cards, was translated through this collaboration with Adam, to bring this fashion installation and experience alive.

The team hard at work to make this come alive! I mean, how crazy and realistic is this grass!? The runway was also matching the whole theme of Adam Selman’s show!

Adam Selman here! The brilliant and beyond talented designer holding the Papyrus iris flower creation which was created for the runway show!









Papyrus’ infamous Hummingbird icon was incorporated into the runway installation. It’s a symbol of love, joy and celebration and a seamless way to connect Papyrus and Adam Selman.

Before the show started – part of the finished product. How amazing?! This brought the show to a whole new level.

The collection went with the theme of the runway show, of course. And the colors and trends from the collection truly popped and were elevated through the Papyrus’ installation.

It truly was such an amazing addition to the show. The installation was innovative and cutting-edge. Its hard to embody sophistication and to be on-trend, however Papyrus and Adam Selman were able to showcase both of these things so effortlessly.

All the beautiful and vibrant colors!!

Also, fun fact; There were around 120 of the Papyrus hummingbirds!

The calm before the storm… and the beautiful madness after! What a transformation, everyone was so amazed by the installation and loved it so much that I may have seen several people even parting with the paper flowers! A closer look at the beautiful paper installation from Papyrus x Adam Selman. What a beautiful connection and collaboration through fashion and art.

The excitement continued when guests received a special parting gift designed by Papyrus. Which went perfectly with the theme of the show, a must-have souvenir! It was such an honor to see the before and after of the Adam Selman Show in collaboration with Papyrus. It was honestly just beyond words.

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