PAPYRUS Sampler: It’s Cozy & Creepy Season + Free Halloween Tech Download!

Hello! It’s cozy and creepy season: that delightful time of year when you’ll feel a shiver go up your spine, but there’s plenty of knitwear to keep you warm. Between the fall colors and Halloween spirit, these first few months of autumn are simply the best.

And now that we’ve hit mid-September, it’s time to really get into the spooky spirit! Here’s a sampler of new gifts we’re offering for Halloween and everyday.

A simple vase with so much potential

Our new Fringe collection is full of charming little home decor accents and gifts that convey a dreamy and whimsical tone. This ceramic vase may seem simple enough, but it’s perfect for showcasing a favorite flower of any kind.

Pair it with…

A similar look and feel: this Vintage Botanicals Blank Card, also from Cavallini & Co.

A little token of love

People speak many different love languages and show affection in many different ways–but a small romantic gesture is universal. This cozy cottage planter can symbolize how much you cherish the home you’ve made with the person you love.

Pair it with…

This Sweet Love Birds Anniversary Card is both gentle and charming–a perfect companion for the cozy cottage planter!

Get Ready for the Witching Hour

Who is this chic Black Cat Halloween wine glass perfect for?

  • Halloween hostesses
  • Whoever has to wrangle a pack of trick-or-treaters all evening
  • Any witch in your coven

Pair it with…

The Tonight We Ride Halloween Card – pure sassy fun for a like-minded witch.

Halloween for kids

A pack of costumed dogs em-“bark” on a super fun Halloween adventure throughout the pages of this illustrated pop-up book. Have your kid join in on the fun, and really hype them up for all the excitement that comes with trick-or-treating!

Pair it with…

Mouse Parade Halloween Card – Just as cute, and raises the excitement for a fun night of trick-or-treating.

Free Tech Download

Get into the spooky mood with this Paper Destiny Halloween tech wallpaper! It’s great for phones, computers, tablets.

Desktop | Phone | Tablet

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