PAPYRUS Artist in Residence: Meet Lucie Chadderton & Herbie Bear

Take a dive into the magical world of Herbie Bear. When the the little boy, Oskar, leaves for school in the morning, Herbie and his friends sneak out the window, climbing slowly and very carefully to the large oak tree, where they make their way to the treehouse. Follow Herbie Bear—who wears a blue-and-white striped jumper and likes cupcakes and treehouses—on his many adventures, along with friends Mr. Crumpet the mischievous miniature dachshund, Zu-Zu the panda bear, and Fuzzy Boot the fox.

The creator of these whimsical illustrations that dance across paper and cloth goods? Artist and publisher Lucie Chadderton.


Based in the UK, Lucie set up her own successful studio, Sooshichacha, seven years ago. “We’re a cutting-edge design studio,” she explains. “Painting is at the core of everything we produce.” Today, Lucie and her team of designers create beautiful artwork for home textiles, stationery, and greeting cards, including the beloved Herbie Bear, inspired by her son. “I want to be known as a versatile, flexible artist who can span the boundaries between fine art and commercial art,” Lucie says of her work.


PAPYRUS is proud to introduce you to the Herbie & Friends collection, which includes spiral-bound notebooks, recipe books, sticky notes, coin purses, travel mugs, tumblers, gift bags and wrapping, and greeting cards galore—all featuring the whimsical bear and his pals.

“PAPYRUS is a very discerning brand, promoting creative artists and designs,” says Lucie. “It’s a fabulous platform for Herbie and Sooshichacha.”

Lucie Chadderton also has the distinction of being named one of a handful of artists taking part in PAPYRUS’ Artists in Residence series. Our exclusive series works to highlight local and national artists, promoting their work through the PAPYRUS brand.

In a previous blog post, CEO of the Schurman Retail Group Dominique Schurman said: “… We are lucky to be able to work collaboratively with an incredible cadre of gifted designers worldwide to create exquisite artwork that we transform into the amazing products that we then share with the world.”

As a PAPYRUS artist in residence, Lucie will make appearances for signings at our stores throughout the month of April. Catch her at your local PAPYRUS store:

Click here for a full list of our store locations and addresses.

You can also see more of Lucie’s work at her website, or follow her studio on social media: @Sooshichacha.


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