No Party Guest Left Behind: Coffee Table Books for the Bored Soul

Coffee Table Books

Parties can be great. Or boring. It kind of depends on the person! But, as the host, you want to make sure everyone is having a great time—even if they’d prefer to sit in a corner and stare at their phone.

Entice your more quiet guests away from the screen with some super interesting coffee table books. Instead of checking their Instagram feed for the 5th time, they can learn some cool facts about living green or how crystals help relieve stress.

Soon enough, they’ll be surrounded by other party-goers as everyone tries to decipher what their Zodiac sign means for the coming month. It’s not easy keeping every party guest entertained, not to mention feeling included. Surprisingly, books can bridge that social gap!

Whether they ease someone’s boredom, entertain a wild child, or get everyone together for a deep discussion—coffee table books are the perfect party wingman.

For The Bored Guest

More Books

Live Green | Star Power | Crystals: The Modern Guide to Healing

What’s so great about coffee table books, you ask? Well, look no further:

  • Graphics – They usually feature big, vibrant illustrations and photos!
  • Bite-sized info – You’re definitely going to walk away with some really interesting and fast facts.
  • Can start from any page – Unlike novels, coffee table books are perfect for flipping to any page and finding exciting new stuff to learn and see.
  • Fun – Let’s be honest. Most coffee table books aren’t going to read like your 7th grade algebra textbook. They’re meant to interesting!

Conversation Starters

Even More Books

Live Green Book | Star Power Book

What does your Zodiac sign mean? Why should we choose reusable shopping bags? What are you favorite self-care tips? Maybe some of these questions are easy to answer but they definitely lead to more questions—and topics, and interesting debates. Soon enough, your parties will be known for having the most engrossing conversations instead of everyone checking their phones every five minutes.

People bemoan the term “ice breakers,” but if you set aside the cheesy connotations and learn from the spirit of breaking the ice, you might find that coffee table books are the perfect way to get people talking to each other, even if it means citing cool facts back and forth.


Dino Kids Book

Touch & Explore Dinosaur Book

Sometimes your guests will have entourage of the easily bored and destructive variety — kids. Imagine the hostess cred you’d gain by keeping some awesome picture books prepared for when they inevitably start knocking some wine glasses over!


Reading is good for you… and fun!

Not to get cheesy, but reading has a bunch more benefits than just entertainment. It can reduce stress, expand your knowledge, and get you to slow down for a bit. So if you have trouble picking up a novel, try a few coffee table editions to add some light reading time to your schedule!


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