National Pride Month: Wedding Planning with Micah and Jason

Back in February, we highlighted real couples for Valentine’s Day. One of those pairs included Micah Jesse and his fiance’ Jason.

We’re incredibly excited to bring you a little more of Micah and Jason’s story.

At PAPYRUS, we believe in celebrating all people, of all walks of life, for all occasions. June is National Pride Month, and in this unusually divisive climate, we believe that love is love, and we encourage kindness to all. It’s just one of the many reasons why, as a company, we’re proud to provide greetings and gifts perfect for any couple.

We’re continuing to follow Micah and Jason through their wedding prep process. They’ll tie the knot in Atlanta this fall, but in the meantime we caught up with them for a sneak peek into the wedding planning process.


How would you describe your wedding aesthetics?

Our overall wedding aesthetic is bold modern industrial, with an eclectic mix of romantic elements and a ’70s disco edge. Together with our creative team at Amy Osaba Design, we created a color palette composed of washed pinks and slate blues, with pops of navy and papaya. The palette is grounded by gold tones and marble textures.


What are you looking for in a wedding invitation?

In keeping with our wedding aesthetic, we wanted our invitations to feel bold and modern. We opted to go with a booklet format that has an interior pocket to hold all the supplemental cards. In an effort to infuse our personalities into it, we added gold foil graphic elements and strategic pops of color that reference back to our palette.


How are you ensuring your wedding invites are personalized?

It was important to both of us to have personalized wedding invitations. So first, we created a logo using our initials, MJ/JM, that will be used not only on the invitations but also in other smaller moments at the wedding. Second, instead of a traditional RSVP card, we outlined an empty box for our guests to draw us a picture, share their excitement, or request a song. (We know our friends and family will have fun with this, and we can’t wait to get their responses in the mail!)


What makes your invites unique?

What makes our wedding invites most unique is that they truly are custom. In addition to that, we felt like the trend in the market, while beautiful, felt a little overtly feminine and a bit more vintage than we like. We opted for graphic shapes over soft florals, and a clean, bold sans serif font over a lot of the handwritten or vintage serif fonts that have been popularized over the last few years.


Why did you choose PAPYRUS to create your wedding invitations?

We chose PAPYRUS to do our wedding invitations because it’s our go-to store to buy cards and gifts for celebratory occasions.


What were some of the ideas, inspirations, or tips given by our PAPYRUS wedding expert?

Our PAPYRUS wedding expert, Alwyn, showed us several books with a myriad of colors, metallics, patterns, and paper types from which to choose. Over the course of one or two hours, we collaborated to make sure our vision came to life.


Is there a specific timeline you’re trying to adhere to while planning your wedding?

We created a loose timeline based on tips from friends, family, and blogs we have been reading. After the engagement, we started nailing down the most important details immediately (i.e. date, location, number of guests, etc.). Now that we are less than six months out, we are focusing on tailoring our custom Jeffrey Rüdes suits and getting our invites ready to be sent.


What are some of your favorite inspiration websites you’ve used while planning your wedding?

We are big fans of getting inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. In order to streamline our inspiration, we created our own @FromBubsToHubs Instagram account to follow friends, family, and wedding accounts for cake design, floral design, etc. Some accounts we are following are Smashing The Glass and @WeddingLegends. For more traditional wedding inspiration, our go to sites are and Modern Luxury Weddings.


What advice do you have for other couples going through the wedding planning process?

The best advice we can offer is to do some pre-planning yourself. Sit down with your partner and decide what kind of invitation you want, what your budget is per invite, what you want it to say, and, finally, try sketching or outlining it out on paper. Once we settled on the wording and design, we asked a close friend to proofread and offer any last-minute tips. This helped so much when we met with our custom stationery specialist!


Jason is an established women’s design director. Micah is an entertainment personality, content producer, and creator of the celebrity and lifestyle website For more, follow @MicahJesse and @FromBubsToHubs on Instagram!.









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