Tired as a Mother: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All

What do mothers want for Mother’s Day? Hang on, I’m going to take a quick poll of mothers in my vicinity.

OK … I asked myself. And what I want most? A nap.

Second on my list: A big fat cup of coffee (not exclusive to Mother’s Day), peace and quiet (also not exclusive to Mother’s Day), and maybe to sleep through the night (also not exclusive to Mother’s Day).

But, since coffee—in great quantities—is likely the only thing realistic on that list, I decided to browse some of the PAPYRUS products we offer and pick a few of my faves. Because, damn it, if no one will let me pee alone, then they might as well give me something nice!

(Note: I do, in fact, love my children. And every day I’m grateful that they’re happy, healthy, and safe.)

This Mother’s Day, let’s not forget about those less complain-y moms, too. Let’s hear it for those whose kids have grown up and moved away. To the moms who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy or a child. To the moms who have breastfed and bottlefed. To the moms who stay at home and to the moms who work. Let’s raise a glass to the moms who are going through fertility treatments and those who have exhausted their options. To the moms who have put their children up for adoption, and to those who have adopted them. To the moms who have let their kids cry it out and to those who choose not to. To the single moms who parent all the time, and to the dads who have had to fill the role when the mom is no longer around. To the grandparents who have stepped in. And to those who have no children, but play the role of second mom for someone. Let’s check judgment at the door and acknowledge that raising children takes a village.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 7

Tired As A …

Finally! A glass that speaks my language. My 4-month-old has a cold and is going through a sleep regression, so “Tired as a Mother” is pretty accurate. And while this is great for wine, these days I probably only have time for a cold brew coffee or a La Croix in this oh-so-fancy glass.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 6

Sweet Succulent

I’m a mom. Of course I love knick knacks. This cheery little succulent is perfect for the windowsill above my sink. Because if there’s one thing moms love, it’s doing dishes, amiright?

Mother's Day Gift Guide 3

Growing Children

“Mom, your love and guidance are with me always.” That’s what the inside of this card says … and it’s the perfect sentiment. The veggie garden card is great for any mom of any age. (Adding to my Boss Mom To-Do list to get one for my own mom.)

Mother's Day Gift Guide 4

Moms in Solidarity

I lucked out. My second mom is, hands-down, my mother-in-law. And while she may be biologically programmed to love my children, she’s chosen to love me. This card, decorated with colorful hearts and silver metallic script, strikes the right chord for any second mom.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2

Blue-Ribbon Mom

Well, this ribbon is green, and I probably don’t deserve the “Best Mom Ever” title, but I wouldn’t turn down this sweet ribbon if my kids handed it to me. I’d definitely hang that ribbon up and add the title to my mom resume’.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 1

Technologically Challenged Moms

Speaking of second moms, mine joined Twitter to occasionally see what her kids were up to. Her first tweet: My husband’s name. Oops. That’s some stealthy stalking. And while this questionable texting skills card reminds me of her, it also reminds me that my 80-something-year-old grandmother was the one who taught me what emojis were. (Also oops.)

It Was Never a Dress

The first time I saw the superhero sign, I couldn’t love it more. Let your mom or your replacement mom in on the secret. Deep down we’re all superheroes… even if our superpower is drinking a reheated cup of coffee all morning.

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Check out more of our Mother’s Day cards and one-of-a-kind gifts to celebrate all the women in your life this May … even those of us who just want to take naps.

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