Married at Last: Catching Up With Micah & Jason

One year ago we introduced PAPYRUS couple, Micah and Jason. After a year of planning and celebration, we’re asking about their favorite moments from the wedding and for some of their top tips for engaged couples. Read below for a glimpse into how they approached their big day and for some inspiration during this season of love.


How does it feel being married after a year of preparations?

We went from calling each other “bubs” to “hubs,” which feels great! For the most part, being married doesn’t feel too different for us. It’s like an extension of our relationship, but in a more permanent way. We are definitely taking more time than ever before for just the two of us. We didn’t leave for our honeymoon immediately, as we are waiting for the warmer months. So to satiate our travel bug, and make sure we had time alone, we have had a few “minimoons.”

What was your favorite part leading up to the wedding and why?

Our favorite part leading up to the wedding was getting into the nitty gritty of all the details. We wanted to create an experience for our guests that began the second they received the invitation. So everything down to the color palette and the wording on the invitation needed to stay on concept and be true to who we are as a couple.


What was your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

Jason: My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle. We had our ceremony in the round and I wasn’t prepared for how that set up would allow me to make eye contact with all our friends and family as I walked down the aisle. It was as if I had a chance to have all these silent micro conversations with all the people who came to celebrate with us. In addition Micah and I walked at the same time and met in the center. When we reached the Huppah the entire room erupted in cheers. Getting to look into Micah’s eyes in that moment, with our community around us cheering us on, was such a powerful moment that I will never forget.

Micah: We worked with Stef Kelsall from Dance with Me Midtown for twelve hours creating and perfecting a damce to Marc Broussard’s “The Beauty of Who You Are” for our first dance. It was like therapy for us every time we walked into that studio. Dancing in this way was new to both of us, so it was a challenge, but one that was very rewarding in the end. My other favorite moment was having an amazing choir led by Dannis Winston sing us down the aisle to “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” Instead of bouquets, we asked our Grooms Party to hold each other’s hand.


Was there a special custom or tradition you did during that special day?

There were several Jewish customs we incorporated into our wedding day that made our wedding ceremony unique and meaningful and we worked with Rabbi Malka Packer-Monroe to decide which customs we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony. First, we circled each other seven times (while Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” played). This is a Jewish custom usually performed by the Bride, but as there were two grooms, we adapted the tradition and each circled three and a half times. After we said our “I Do’s,” we each stepped on and broke a hand-blown glass orb that we are having re-blown into a serving bowl for our home. Then, our amazing planners Amy Osaba and Mary Wynn from Amy Osaba Design set up a private room for us to enjoy our meal before we officially entered the reception. This private time after the ceremony (usually about 15-20 minutes) is called a Yehud. Amy and her team dressed the space in the most romantic way, with candles and flowers everywhere and a bite of all the food we would be eating inside. It was like our own private mini reception before the big party.

What paper products did you incorporate into your wedding events (ie. place cards, guest book, etc.)?

We worked with stationery specialist Alwyn Carrier from PAPYRUS on everything printed from our invitations to wedding reception menus to thank you notes. We had several Polaroid Instax Mini cameras floating around for guests to snap pics of themselves to add to our photo book.

How did you document your wedding day?

We worked with an incredible Atlanta-based photographer named Christina Devictor of Someplace Wild, and the talented Tennessee-based videography team from Klassey Productions to document the unforgettable moments of our wedding day.

Did you send thank you notes following the wedding? If so, what type of sentiment did you include in the thank you notes?

We both agree that it is important to send personalized thank you notes to every person who gave a gift. In our thank you notes, we express gratitude for their gift (of course) but also thank them for being a part of our special day.


 Do you have any wedding day tips for future couples?

Get lots of rest the night before. Drink plenty of water. There are so many moving parts, so it is crucial to make checklists for packing, last minute to-do’s, etc. and have a responsible friend, bridesmaid, best man or maid of honor, making sure everything is getting done.

Jason is an established women’s design director. Micah is an entertainment personality, content producer, and creator of the celebrity and lifestyle website Photography by Christina DeVictor of Someplace Wild.

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