Love, Dominique: Celebrating Women Part 2

Who are the fun, fearless women that inspire you? Who are your role models? Do you count national leaders or historical figures as your inspiration? Motivated by an iconic athlete or the author of your favorite series? Or do you look up to a grandmother who bravely faced insurmountable odds?


Our inspiring (and fun and fearless!) CEO Dominique Schurman lists some of the inspiring figures that have shaped her life, her career, and her worldview.





Annie was my go-to nurturer when I was growing up. She lived three houses up the street, and every day after school I would go to Annie’s house until dinner. Annie was the kindest, most insightful, loving, and natural woman. She had no airs about her. For her, being me was always enough. She had a special view of the world, always seeing the glass half full, while also having an unbelievable knack to see the truth within.


She loved life, gardening, cooking, reading, and traveling, and she graced my life by showing me how being true to one’s self is the most important thing of all. She always inspired me by finding the good in everyone she knew; no one was a stranger, and her positive energy drew people into her life in a magical way.





I can only imagine the courage and sacrifice made by Golda Meir. To be on the world stage as leader of a young nation in a time of turmoil, as a woman and mother, must have been daunting indeed. Despite the odds, the skepticism, the doubt in her ability, and the challenges she faced, she found a way to build partnerships, alliances, and deep bonds with those around her. She earned respect of her fellow leaders, as well as of leaders of other nations, as she fought to forge a place on the world stage for a fledgling, poor nation. The vision she had, as well as her courage, tenacity and determination, is truly inspiring.






I have already spoken of my mother who has inspired me throughout my life on so many levels. It is also no coincidence that her best friend, Sue Seigel, has also been a big influence in my life. Sue is a woman who was faced with the fact that her husband, diagnosed with MS, would not be able to support their family of five, with three young children. She realized that she must find a way, not only to cope with this cruel illness, but also to make a living for her family. As sole support for herself, her ailing husband, and her children, she decided to start her own business and she began designing clothes.


With no resources, in her house with a sketchbook she designed her first outfit and mustered up the courage to call on the buyer at a local department store. The buyer liked the design, placed an order, and from there, Sue built an amazing business that she led and managed for 30 years. She has the unique combination of intellect, wit, creativity, and natural leadership skills that helped her build a powerhouse business. She raised her three kids while ensuring that her husband had only the best of care throughout his life. This seems herculean to me, and has inspired me to “think I can,” even in the face of tough odds.


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