Let Sunshine in with the Live Give Happy Collection

Saying goodbye to winter is a little bittersweet. No more pumpkin spice lattes, snuggly sweaters, and stockings hanging over the fireplace—at least not until next year! But as the snow melts, a sense of renewal can be invigorating. We open our windows to fresh air, new adventures, and the world outside. It’s time to let the sun in, and Paper Destiny has the perfect collection of bright and whimsical gifts to make life really shine.

We want you to Live Give Happy. We want you to live the moments that make life great, give the love and friendship that form true connections, and, most importantly, BE HAPPY!

Live the Moments

What makes you smile? Does each little happy moment add up to a good life? We think so. The soul can be fed with so many different forms of nourishment. One simple and easy treat is filling your space with treasures that immediately brighten the atmosphere.

Mix personal mementos, like photos of trips and special occasions, with uplifting items to make your home decor a source of true living. Whimsical artwork on everyday things, such as these charming animal coasters, infuse specialness where it’s least expected!

Soul Hydration Water BottleAqua Spirit CandleSpirit Animal CoastersHeart and Soul Trinket Tray

Give Love and Friendship

Love and friendship are the invisible—yet most powerful and significant—foundations of life. We build and fortify these foundations through meaningful acts of caring, support, and taking joy in each others’ happiness. Faith in these foundations lifts us high.

So that’s a lot to live up to, right? But these things don’t always have to be honored with grand gestures. It’s the little displays of gratitude towards our closest “tribe” that fill the heart and remind them you really do appreciate their love.

Soul Sister MugGive Happy PlateGathering Bell

The art and designs of Live Give Happy are flush with uninhibited delight. Born from ceramic and glaze, these animals symbolize the unique vision of artist Phi Nguyen and what he wants to say about the world. To gift a piece inspired by his creations is to spread the ethos of celebrating the human spirit and the connections we make.

Queen Rabbit Ceramic TileElegant Peacock Ceramic TileSunrise Butterfly Ceramic Tile

Happy To Be

Sometimes a simple cliche says it best: “It’s the little things that count.”

Rose Diamond Stemless Wine GlassTeal Ombre Macrame KeychainRadiate Positivity TokenMagical Unicorn Pouch

It’s time to welcome spring and sunshine into our lives, breathe the fresh air, and appreciate what life has to offer! Find those little things that make you smile—because each smile adds up to living happy. As the sun sets on another warm evening, enjoy the wash of colors, the chattering of creatures, and the delicious glass of wine in your hand.

Because like we said, it’s the little things that count.

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