Journaling Tips & Tricks: Goal Setting for the New Year


As a conclusion to the 31 Days of Cheer, lifestyle and wellness expert Krista Williams, from The Hundred Blog and The Almost 30 Podcast, is here to talk about her goal setting tips and tricks. Whether you have personal, work or wellness goals for 2018, tracking and keeping these goals can be tough. Luckily, Krista has a few suggestions on how to journal your goals. Read on below for some inspiration for the New Year.

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Feeling all sorts of gratitude this year to be a guest blogger for PAPYRUS’ 31 Days of Cheer campaign! You can also check out my post with Papyrus on my blog, The Hundred Blog, here! I am excited to share how I incorporate Papyrus into one of my very favorite things to do in the holiday season (besides eat all the goodies!) which is to reflect on 2017, and set my goals and intentions for 2018. I know that sometimes resolutions get a bad rap (because sometimes people don’t stick with them) but I am a huge fan of people just trying to do better. That’s all it is!

It’s a time to reset for what’s to come, and a time to reflect on all you’ve done.

(If you’ve been as busy as me, it sure is a lot!)

Getting Started

So, when I journal, I always make sure to get a notebook I love, and planner I can use for strategizing. Both of these are critical and help me to physically see the fresh year ahead. Seeing blank pages is a really beautiful thing. Which is why it’s key to take the time to fill in those pages with positivity and all the good things you’ll do in the New Year.

This year I got this new planner from Rifle Paper & Co., and notebook via Kate Spade, because ROSE GOLD.

So, once you feel in the zone to write your goals and reflections (post shower with a robe on is a great place to start)..Use these steps to get started:

  1. Sit in a quiet space, or if you meditate do it prior so you’re clear headed. If you don’t meditate, just try to be present and free of distractions!
  2. Write down three ‘areas’ of your life, such as what I have listed below. You can also add things like Spirituality, and Family…the sky is the limit!
      1. Lifestyle and Livelihood
      2. Body and Wellness
      3. Relationships and Society
  1. Now, instead thinking about what you want to accomplish, how do you want to FEEL in those areas of your life. Your desired feelings are dictating what you will set out to achieve. This is the part where you really need to sit and write whatever emotions and words come to mind. Words and then images that come through are telling you how you want to feel in the coming year. Some words you could use include: vibrant, creative, joy, bliss, aligned, sensuous, infinite, electric, harmonious, wanderlust, beauty
  2. Once you have your word, and desired feelings, THEN you write down what you want to do, experience, and have that will make you feel that way. Here, be super detailed and descriptive, giving yourself lots of ways to achieve goals that make you feel the ways you want to feel.

You could notice that there could be things you are chasing somewhat mindlessly out of social expectation or habit. As an example, each year when resolutions came around I would always say I wanted to run a marathon, but when I really thought about it, I just want to tell people I ran a marathon and eat lots of carbs, HA. But if my word is to feel STRONG, I can do barre 3x weekly and enjoy myself because it makes me feel strong. Therefore I can achieve my goal of feeling strong doing something I love rather than something because I feel like I should.

It’s important to note that starting at the feeling you want to incite and then saying what actions will help you to feel that way, makes this method super powerful.

A bonus, and something I am now doing that I LOVE, is to go through my desires, of how I want to feel, then think through what currently in my life that already makes me feel that way.

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An Example Applied with Body and Wellness

How do I want to feel? Light, vibrant and powerful. In order for me to feel that way, I want to experience or have the following:

  • To run outside more often, 3x weekly. Making sure I am writing it down, duh!
  • Ensure that I have green juice a few times a week
  • To refine my vegan diet, to ensure that I am getting as many greens and fruits as possible!
  • Go to yoga, at least 3x weekly.
  • Make sure to up my weights at the gym! It makes me feel strong.
  • Chew less gum. It doesn’t help me feel light.

Also to continue, what am I doing right now that already makes me feel those things:

  • I feel lightest when I eat lots of greens, so continue doing that.
  • Eating vegan makes me feel vibrant, I think my skin is a bit brighter ever since.
  • Going to barre class makes me feel powerful.
  • I feel more vibrant when I don’t have caffeine, so I am going to cut down my consumption to just having coffee on the weekends.

Additional Goal Setting Tips

Another strategy I like to try when goal setting in 2018 is to write down in your journal some bullets reflecting on 2017 then thinking forward:

Write down three accomplishments from 2016:

Write down three big changes in your life:

Write down three relationships you improved:

Write down one good habit you created:

Write down one tough time and what you learned from it:

Write down three new goals for 2017 and why they’re important to you:

Or, if you need some inspiration, like the 31 Days of Cheer, here are some goals that I love:

  • Learn to meditate or incorporate a meditation practice
  • Volunteer once a month
  • Take a class
  • Take a solo trip
  • Organize your closet
  • Drink less
  • Cut out caffeine
  • Keep your email inbox organized
  • Give up social media for a week or month
  • Get regular massages
  • Stretch in the morning
  • Foam roll regularly to help relax your muscles
  • Do meatless Mondays, or eat meat for one meal instead of 2 or 3
  • Read more books
  • Donate a portion of your paycheck to charity
  • Take care of yourself a self-care ritual
  • Call a friend weekly
  • Teach a class
  • Start a blog (if you want help let me know!)
  • Help someone achieve their goals
  • Journal more
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Go on morning walks
  • Get involved in your local community
  • Start a gratitude journal

What are some of your new year’s resolutions? I’d love to get inspired by what you’re going to do or create this year. Also make sure to keep tabs on your resolutions and goals in your journal weekly, to keep track of your progress and remind yourself WHY you’re doing all the good things in 2018.

Have the best New Year, ever.


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