It’s a Jungle Out There: Crazy Kingdom Gift Collection + Free Tech Wallpaper!

Crazy Kingdom Collection

Hey you! Remember to relax your shoulders and stretch your neck once in a while.

Weird way to open a blog post, right? Well, we know school or work can be a lot. Sometimes all the negative energy can feel overwhelming. That’s why surrounding yourself with small, silly, and positive things that make you smile can really lift the mood!

Paper Destiny is all about that positive energy.

We want any one who sees our greeting cards, wrapping paper, and gifts to say a wholehearted “wow, that’s actually really cute.” Because once you admit it, you have to have it. And “Cute” is only the tip of the Crazy Kingdom iceberg. There’s a sense of quirkiness (fish-shaped zip pouch, anyone?), shameless puns, and an attitude that will keep you smiling.


World of Whimsy

Vibrant colors & wild jungle scenes

Washi Tape and Totes

Black & Bright Saddle-Stitched Notebook 🐾 Crazy Kingdom Washi Tape 🐾  Crazy Kingdom Drawstring Backpack

Transform your space into a world of whimsical flora and fauna. Drab, lifeless, monotone desk accessories are way past their expiration date. And really—why should growing up mean that you leave all the fun stuff behind?

Try placing a few of these super cute animal puffy stickers on your super serious office decor. You might find yourself smiling every time you notice them!


Charming Characters

Tigers, pandas, and narwhals, oh my!

Push Pins and Decor

Kitten Me Desk Sign 🐾  Crazy Kingdom Push Pins 🐾 Fancy Tiger Zip Pouch

This Crazy Kingdom is full of sometimes-hilarious, sometimes-sassy characters. But no matter the attitude, they’re all absolutely cute. Imagine pulling a bright orange tiger pouch from your everyday purse. That simple yet quirky touch will always make your day a little brighter.


Live Your Daydreams

Office accessories bursting with spirit & energy

Desk Accessories

It’s A Jungle Desk Pad 🐾  Seal of Approval Notepad & Holder 🐾 Crazy Kingdom Sticky Notes

Are you kind of a big seal?

Well the biggest seals know it’s not just their own mood that’s gonna be sparkling with these quirky desk accessories around. When you send some thoughts on a panda-shaped sticky note down to Susan in accounting, you’re making her day brighter, too! Cute travels well, my friends.

And on that note, feel free to match your phone’s screen with all your cute new stuff!


Bonus: Free Tech Wallpaper Download

Crazy Kingdom Wallpaper

Smartphone | Tablet | Desktop


*These designs are for personal use only and not intended for commercial purposes.

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