Hooray! It’s Mother’s Day!

You guys, Mother’s Day is this weekend. We can’t think of anyone better to celebrate than those strong women —both those who gave birth to us and those female figures who nurtured and encouraged us. At PAPYRUS, we’ve made it pretty clear what we think of mothers and supportive women. We come from long lines of strong women. And we wanted other stories of female empowerment, so we reached out to some of our PAPYRUS influencers, who also happen to be mothers. Here’s what they had to say.

Mother's Day Influencer Round-Up | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Los Angeles-based Melissa Geraghty spends time traipsing around her city with her husband and sweet pooches. Lately, she’s been sporting her own baby bump around town, too. Here’s what the soon-to-be mom says about her own mother:

“I’m always inspired by my mother every single day. My mother moved here as an immigrant. At that time, we barely had family here, and she established our roots and built her career so that I could go to a good school and have a good life. My mom is always happy and full of love. So for Mother’s Day it’s only fitting that I give her gifts that are full of color and warmth, just like her.”

Mother's Day Influencer Round-Up | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Not only is she mom to one, son Liam, Annie Mescall is due with her second child this August. The shoe-obsessed Houston fashion blogger says of her mom:

“Mother’s Day is a day that I try to celebrate every day. My mother—the woman who raised 4 children on her own—is by far the strongest, most caring mother I’ve ever met. My mom has taught me love, discipline, structure, compassion, and how to be the mother I am today. I am the mother I am today because of what I’ve learned from my Mom.”

Mother's Day Influencer Round-Up | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Cali mom Karla Reed knows that mommin’ ain’t easy (check out her Insta profile pic!). That hasn’t stopped her from showing off her precious brood of three—Jack, Charlotte, and Lucy—as they move through life. That’s something Karla says she got from her mom:

“I get my sense of adventure while looking good from my beautiful momma who taught me from a young age…style has nothing to do with how much money you have! Style is wearing your heart on the outside.”

Mother's Day Influencer Round-Up | Nectar | PAPYRUS

Destiney Green of Mom Crush Monday was greatly impacted by her grandmother as she taught her the importance of loving in the moment. With her mini-me by her side, Destiney and her daughter remember to share their love for the people around them each and every day. Here’s what Destiney says of her grandmother:

My great-grandmother is my inspiration. She was such a light! She could brighten a room with her smile and always sprinkled gratitude wherever she went. She taught me how to love and be grateful for the people in your life. I got these beautiful cards to remember to show the people in your life that you’re grateful for them while they are here.”

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How does your own mother or maternal figure inspire you? Let us know in the comments!

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