Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas

Celebrating the holidays with loved ones is what the season of cheer is all about! Luckily we have lifestyle influencers (and real-life BFFs) Margret Rojas and Annie Mescall here to tell us about their special holiday traditions – including how to make the perfect cookies for Santa. Need some additional holiday inspiration? Check out our 31 Days of Cheer calendar for a full list of suggestions!

Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas | PAPYRUS

Margret: Happy Holidays Everyone!! This is Margret from Style The Girl. Annie and I are so excited to be guest bloggers for this year’s Papyrus’ 31 Days Of Cheer and hope you are too!! The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year to be with family and friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Both of our children are best friends and we do everything together. This year we thought it would be super fun to have a little sugar cookie baking party to celebrate December and the holidays being officially here!! With our two toddlers helping us out, we know a mess will surely follow, but it makes baking for Christmas that much sweeter. Besides, messes MAKE memories!!

Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas | PAPYRUS

Annie: Annie here from The Annie Issue! This is my second year partnering with Papyrus’ 31 Days of Cheer and I’m overjoyed to celebrate with Margret and Sofia this year. Our children are true best friends. If they go longer than a week without seeing each other, they’ll continually ask us when their next play date is. You can only imagine how happy they were to be able to bake cookies and write cards to Santa together.

To follow what Margret has mentioned about traditions and friends and family, my cheer suggestion this year is to share your family traditions with someone new. I didn’t grow up with traditions and I wish I would of. Traditions create memories and excitement and they should be shared with loved ones. Family traditions can be anything you want it to be. It can be decorating the tree, building a gingerbread house, giving back, or baking sweet treats together.

Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas | PAPYRUS

Margret: One of our favorite go to recipes is the tried and true sugar cookie. Not only does it allow our children to be creative, but it gives them the chance to utilize different colors and designs to make their cookies come to life. The snowmen were their favorite. 😉

This will be Liam’s 4th Christmas and Sofia’s 3rd, and it is just so amazing to see the holidays through their eyes. What was once such a special cookie making tradition for ourselves, has doubled with our babies. They really are such a blessing and we love creating traditions with our besties.

Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas | PAPYRUS

Annie: When Liam and Sofia were done decorating their cookies for Santa, they each “wrote” him a card. Aren’t their scribbles the best?! Papyrus has the cutest holiday cards and these adorable snowman cards were perfect for the children. They’re both at that age where they understand Christmas, acknowledge who Santa Claus is, and are telling us what’s on their Christmas list. Visit How to Write a Letter to Santa for some fun ideas on where to begin! 

Kid-Approved Holiday Traditions with Annie Mescall & Margret Rojas | PAPYRUS

A Sugar Cookie Recipe That’s Guaranteed to Make Santa Smile

Here’s how we made our traditional sugar cookies. We hope you love them too!!

  • Step 1: Sprinkle a work surface with some flour and begin preheating your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Step 2: Unwrap 1 chilled disk of dough and place it on the floured surface. Sprinkle the top of the dough with a little more flour.
  • Step 3: Roll out the dough with your Papyrus “Dashing Through The Dough” rolling pin until it is about 1/4 inch thick. Sprinkle more flour under and over the dough as needed so it doesn’t stick.
  • Step 4: Cut the dough into your favorite festive holiday shapes and set the cutouts on a baking sheet. Repeat, cutting as close as possible to the previous shape and spacing the cutouts about 1 inch apart on the baking sheet.
  • Step 5: Set the scraps of dough aside and repeat with the second chilled disk of dough. Smash all the scraps together, roll the dough out and cut out more shapes.
  • Step 6: When one baking sheet is full, put it in the oven and bake the cookies until light brown around the edges, usually around 10 to 12 minutes.
  • Step 7: Using oven mitts, remove the baking sheet from the oven and set it on a wire rack to cool for 15 minutes. Move the cookies onto the rack with a metal spatula and let cool completely. Repeat with the rest of the cookies.

Xo, Annie & Margret

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