Galentine’s Day DIY Heart-Shaped Cork Coasters


Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating girlfriends! Take some time for a do-it-yourself project this February. Plan a girls’ night in with crafts and plenty of heart-to-heart. One of our favorite Galentine’s Day DIY ideas is heart-shaped cork coasters. What could be better than a project that combines creativity and wine?  These DIY cork coasters not only give you something fun to do, but they’re also really cute and practical!

For this fun project you’ll need natural cork wine stoppers, a knife or box cutter, sandpaper, and a hot-glue gun.

Step One: Cut

The wine corks need to be cut in thirds to achieve the perfect height for your coasters. To help divide the corks evenly into thirds, use a pencil to measure and mark where you’ll be cutting. 

Once you’ve marked the cork into even thirds, carefully cut the corks with the knife or box cutter. Remember to be very careful since the shape of the cork makes it prone to slipping. It helps to do this slowly. 

Step Two: Sand & Smooth

Sandpaper is used to smooth the cut edges of the corks. This gives the overall look a more even and flat texture.  

Step Three: Shape

It’s time to start shaping your coasters into those fun Galentine’s Day hearts. Keep in mind that this is a DIY project, and perfection isn’t the goal. Have fun while shaping your coasters, and don’t get too caught up on the meticulous details. 

Step Four: Glue 

After you’ve put the corks together to form hearts, start gluing them all together. 

Step Five: Ribbon (optional)

If you’d like to add a red or gold ribbon, you could cover the edges of the coasters with a ribbon to add a border and some contrast. 

Step Six: Cheers! 

Enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate your complete Galentine’s Day DIY project!

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